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  1. Have you tried the old royal mail building in Stockport??
  2. How about the old cinema complex on Park 66 Bury???
  3. Properly gutted, loved the Hive. Disappointed that I didn't get an email or something to say it was closing as would have definately been there. Hope they open somewhere similar in Manchester soon. I have posted a couple of locations already
  4. Just a couple of places I have noticed on my travels. Tameside College (Hyde campus) has been closed for a while now, only thing I can find is planning permission has been granted but no company has started working on it??? There is also a 4 storey mill in between Houldsworth Mill and Elisabeth Mill in Reddish. Again planning permission was granted to rebuild this area but that was a few years back and nothing seems to have been done. Let me know what you think....
  5. What size bb's are allowed at the hive??
  6. Thanks for the replies, Now thinking the TM is a little expensive considering how much I will use it so think it would be best to get the G&G gen 3 or VFC, and pay for extra batteries and magazines. heard good things about both of these and a lot of people rate the VFC well. Also the G&G is supposed to have really good internals and watching a video review they seem to say that it beats the VFC apart from the external looks Personally I am thinking VFC but wouldn't want to get to a game day and everyone go why did you get that over XYZ....
  7. I'm looking for a hk416 style gun but don't know which one to go for, I'm not very technical so just want the best gun I can get which wont need upgrading.. Looking at TM hk416 recoil shock vfc/umarex 416d g&g t418 light Would like good range, accuracy and trigger response any other ideas considered thanks
  8. Just booked again for The Hive this Sunday, can't wait :-)
  9. Hi guys, thanks for the welcome. Yes really enjoyed it, found the lower level quiet hard to attack on. Like death alley trying to go down the middle.....
  10. Just wanted to say hi, I'm Gareth. came to the event yesterday at The Hive and had a great time definately going again