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  1. Apologies, but I've no idea where else to post this on the forum so I hope this is the most appropriate section. I've found myself in a situation where I need to sell almost all of my possessions, airsoft gear included. (In the end I'll be left with about 8-10 boxes that are going to my sisters.) I've got 3 AEG's, 2 gas pistols, a shotgun and a spring sniper, as well as an impact grenade and other bits and bobs. Where is the best place for me to move these on? Ideally I could do with it all going as a job lot before the end of July this year. Happy to list all the gear and manufacturers if this is acceptable on this forum. Thanks in advance, Rick.
  2. Pre-Site Rules: FPS limits Measured with 0.20g bbs Under 350fps for AEGS ( no variance) Under 400fps for DMR (60 foot engagement range) Under 500fps sniper rifles (60 foot engagement range) Pyro: we only allow the use of TLSFX pyro that is brought on site or BFG's with 9mm or below. Copied from one of the Anzio open day posts, should be what you're after. 328 FPS is the ideal for AEG's to keep yourself under the site limits if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Cheers. Checked my UKARA on the self check and I'm good until August this year. (I took silver membership after my first game of airsoft, so wasn't UKARA ready until August) Thank you.
  4. Hi, When I set up my payment for membership paypal stuck it on an annual repeating payment which has just gone out again. Do I just need to see someone at lunch of my next game with my confirmation of payment email to have my membership card renewed?
  5. Sent, thank you.
  6. I can't seem to send anything to that email address, I keep getting emails stating that my email couldn't be delivered.
  7. That's perfect, I'll make it happen. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I've had a quick look on the forum, but could't see any mention of this. How do you change your address on UKARA's database? I recently moved home and would like to update my details. Thanks in advance.
  9. Agreed! Great day of airsoft. I need to go more often however, so out of practice/shape!
  10. Hi all, What is the availability of the range at the FaO shop? I've been trying to get my F2K power close to 328FPS and get it shooting right, but have so far been unsuccessful leading to panicked last minute spring replacement before a game and tinkering. I don't have anywhere to try it out really before game days and I hate the idea of travelling to a game only to find my kit isn't within limits or is performing poorly. I know there are shooting nights on Thursdays, but I live in Cumbria so it's not ideal for getting down during an evening, (I do visit Lancashire and the Midlands on occasion). Alternatively are there any other places I can try my kit out before a game day? Cheers.
  11. Sorry, I meant the break before the final game which was called off.
  12. I thought the longer "battle day" idea was great! Our group moved on our objectives well and when we needed new orders we were asking other groups on our team what the latest was and tagging along, it kept the game moving well. I'm not sure what happened at the 15:00 break in play, most players in the safe zone looked as if they were leaving and I'm sure some did.
  13. Great day, only my second game and it was awesome! Some real memorable battles; two of us hiding in a bunker defending the "mortar" while reds began to advance in force, timing it so we both popped up at the same time and picked off unsuspecting foes. Good times. The midges ate well no matter who won, but what happened to the drug dealer in the last game? What team found him? Anyway, time to replace the digital ACU, may as well have painted a target on my chest.