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  1. thank you rebo00
  2. Hi guys just enquiring about my ics m4 i sent in for a service from the jungle about 2 months ago. Treebeard said he would pass it on but have heard nothing since. regards Paul Markham
  3. can you please take me off the unsecured list as unable to go now. thank you
  4. Can I have 1 unsecured spot please Cheers Paul markham
  5. Do you have any facemasks for sale on the day? Or can you hire the facemask for the day? (Without the shotgun) Cheers
  6. if you get any short tri shot shotgun's in can i reserve one please ?
  7. Would you be able to supply these at all? Regards Paul
  8. Will you have any short tri shot shotguns for sale on the day as have nothing atm weapon wise for this event?
  9. Can you put me down for pay on the day please
  10. i'll be there too can u put me on the unsecured list for now please
  11. Treebeard will there be any membership forms there on saturday as this will be my 3rd game and wanna join and get my ukara sorted. Cheers Paul markham
  12. Can you plz take me off the unsecured list now as have paid deposit now named paul markham thank you
  13. Can i book 1 space plz paypal not working for me atm thank you