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  1. Correction, Peter Brassington doesn't want to come.
  2. Anthony Goldstraw - Own Kit - Pikachu (Gold Member) Peter Brassington - Own Kit - first game, needs beginners brief
  3. 20.07.14 (before brief) Item - g36 hi-cap mags X2 Location - chrono area Description - both are of plastic build. 1 mag has "SRC" written on it. Plus one is empty, other is full(ish) with .25 I went the the members only day. Wanted to chrono my g36 as well as my 2 m9s. F&O g36 mags didn't want to go into my g36, so we used mine. Added a few .2 and chronod. Pistols ran.out of gas so left mags at table. Filled m9 mags. N chrono them. Forgot to pick them up afterwards.
  4. Yeh, there are a couple online already. Try looking at either the FB page or googling "10/05/14 anzio" I have recorded some videos. Half of the good stuff is corrupt and haven't had not time to look at the others. (disadvantage of starting a new full time job and helping family in need )
  5. Lost Items 10/05/14 2 G36 HI-Capmags (un-branded) I borrowed them to 2 hire lads during dinner. Forgot to ask for them back before i left. Hope that they gave them to marcel, not expecting mirricals Marcels should remember the lads asking to borrow spare mags but were told it would cost them. I was taping something up, heard the conversation and offered to help.
  6. Hi, I believe I have lost a scope cap. It's black and approx. 1,5" diameter and consists of a black tube and a lid attached to a spring (quick opening). I believe I lost it in the second game but can't remember where I last saw it. I was on yellow team as well (be surprised if I wasn't, being dressed like pikachu)
  7. Sorry it has taken soo long. Anzio - 01.02.14
  8. All the thanks to the F&O team for another great day. Everyone played like truely skilled shooters and the wardens top of their game. Was very greatful that the weather held out as long as it did, hope no one got too wet. I (and a couple other lost souls) found the new commander scheme a little confusing. we under the sence that is ment less time wasted. But we were told that we start at medical, move commander to Embassy. I is under fire, commander will retreat to the garage. I went to respawn, reds had Embassy, Medical and tham garage. I ended up going to the safe zone to sort my gear out. I'm surprised that no one started a new post earlier, did see danberesford post on the "bang bang" page. am sorry about the full auto bit, I got careless shooting out of a window, walked in the hallway and saw the enemy there. It didn't go to chugging for me anyway, he shot me. Did get a but annoyed afterwards when me n another lad were waiting on medic when a red walks by the window and shoots us both. We did complain to him about it, but no worries. As a whole, had a great day. Got a lot of good footage of the day. Will probably make something tomorrow. Out of ccuriosity. Would people prefer highlights of the footage or a music montage? Highlight will (more or less) have the best of all on it whole the montage will be a selelct clips with music.
  9. ok, ill learn for next time. sorry for the hassle
  10. I've just watched this video and it gave me an idea during the video, the player takes several members of the opposing team and held them as hostages. i've noticed that most games that involve a VIP, the VIP has a progressive advantage to the team. for example. one game consisted of one team babysitting a warden as he goes building to building looking for an ideal place for the next games objective (i think it was a missile launch site). What if the VIP is a (or several) Hostages that cannot move until secured by their rescuers. this would prevent the defending team from moving and encourage FF (Friend/Foe) tactics as they cannot kill the hostage. if the hostage was to be a very high VIP (e,g, president, vice president, CEO) the attackers must protect him as the vip only has limited medics. if the hostage was a captured Comrade. they can defend them selves to strengthen the rescuers team.
  11. True to that. I play a lot of battlefield (i used to play, cod aswell)in real life. There is no HUD display with live map if all friendlies and known enemies. You have to use your wit. But when your wit is based in distinguishing if the target is looking at you or the oppersite direction and if he/she is wearing multi-camo recon equipment to yellow onsie with ears. I do call color a lot. It gets me killed but it prevents me from wasting a teammates time to respawn.
  12. Sadly, I didn't. To be honest, I wasn't the brightest in my class. Probably I play better solo. But after u have time to think, its too late. Like the video I uploaded. The clip where I left my rifle by the table an I stood by the door. When the BFG came in. I stepped back instead of running out the room. Also, I'm scared of the famous 'boot --> arse' so I prefer to not try incase its considered as cheat-calling. Ill find the clip for you and upload it tomorrow. but you can hear us saying "where did he come from?"
  13. Hi, to start off. what a day. the Precinct is indeed a CQ site. With tight combat around every corner, F&O have pick a brilliant map. The day went without any major problems, except the fire alarm going off. The area has 3 stairwells, and with it 3 key areas. Down Stairs office area , upstairs office area, and the disables toilet. each and be attacked and defended unlike any medium scale site. if you want to succeed, speed and BFGs are you friend. i met some great lads and hope to see them in the near future. i was able to get some great shots with my gun-cam (but nothing to cheer about). i found that, even dress as a large yellow Pikachu, it didn't stop the friendly kills. Expecailly the well placed shot to the back of my head while leaning out to inspect the hallway leading towards the Downstairs Offices. Im also happy that i got a knife kill while defending the downstairs offices, dressed as pikachu i cant quite wrap my head around some things. Firstly. on the second half, everyone had a random Chrono during game. i was waiting for medic at the first fork in the corridor as you enter the "play area." Warden came out with chrono and i got tested. while i waited. a lad from the other team got chrono. but when he came back into game. he started from the safe area, not his respawn nor when the left (i have a video of it but he ended up shooting 2 of my team and medic his from an unrealistic position). secondly, (i cant remember the game name) but the game where you have to find and secure laptops 5 minutes before taking them to base. after they are at your base, does the 5 minute rule apply to them or or is it simply a pick-up and go situation because the Intel is already been secured? But agen, this site is well worth the effort if your willing to think outsite the box. i would recommend this to anyone just a couple notes for anyone going; * Mark 3 Pyros Only, i took some Mark 5 from Anzio and got told off * head towards B&Ms. there is a little side road and the Precinct entrance is opposite B&M carpark * Cover your guns, like above. you are overlooking a busy B&M, if you go outside with your rifle or pistol, the general public will see you and most likely call the police. time the police waste if your time. * Also, DON'T call the GoPro on the yellow dildo "RapeCam"
  14. Here is a video i made of the 15th December Game. i haven't named the youtube Video (yet) because I would like to see if everyone likes it before i put F&O name towards it enjoy