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  1. Booked for the 5th FAO 00053 Silver - Simon Newsham FAO Bronze - Mark Yarwood Ste Dickinson - Guest (membership expired )
  2. The Bolton woodland is now closed sadly, but there is a new woodland site up in Preston called Crossfire Woods
  3. Welcome back!
  4. Hi folks I've had a long break from the sport due to becoming a Dad and moving house, but getting back into Airsoft again and glad to see i still have my account here Was one of the early members of First and Only and had some great skirmishes at the old mill and Bolton woodland up in Egerton Looking forward to getting back out again Cheers Newsh
  5. Hi folks, i'm back Had a little break from Airsoft, but only lasted about 8 months LOL Looking forward to getting back out, will get my arse down to the new Killhouse site and drag TK with me, and I think we may be coming to Bolton woodland at weekend, dunno yet. Hope everyone is well Si