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  1. id like to see a last stand thing. its really popular in Asian airsoft where you get shot then can lay on your back and equip your sidearm until revived or hit again
  2. Yeah I like those too!
  3. i think ill go for the binatone 750! at £40 is decent. thanks for the advice everyone
  4. yeah just looking for like 30 - 40 tops, i dont know how good a quality that will get me, but im budgeting here since im getting some kit at the same time having said that im not sure that price range will get me a handset with a headset option
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! ill check those out . Cheers
  6. Hi guys, I have a question. Im looking to buy a radio for comms (ill get the PTT and Headset another time ) Id like to know what people suggest are a good radios for a low price, that I can talk to everyone on, on game day and have the option for a Handsfree option. Cheers Alex