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  1. Hi My membership ran out 5 months ago (been a member for a few years now), not had a chance to sort it out with work being busy, how can I renew my membership online, I tried but I think it has started a fresh membership? (don't think my membership number is linked to this account)
  2. Hi Guys, Are you allowed to use the L85 A2 LSW at the towers?
  3. Awesome thanks, do they just have to be chrono'ed with .2 then?
  4. Hi Guys, Whats the restriction on BB weights for bolt action snipers?
  5. Thanks Gweggles got it sorted
  6. Hi Guys, It's my 3rd time going on Sat and I've filled out my UKARA form but just wanted some advise on what happens next? Do I need to bring ID etc? Thanks
  7. Ok Thanks
  8. Hi, Whats the rules with regards to the use of the tornado impact grenade at the embassy? Cheers