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  1. Me too. Jon Lambell Own kit Sausage eater
  2. Joined and eagerly awaiting some news. Will be sad to see Embassy go though :'(
  3. Firstly, I've booked in for Embassy on 24th May. This will be my 3rd game in no less than 2 months (1st March, 26th April, 24th May), can I get my UKARA stuff sorted on the day? Do I just need to bring valid ID, ie my drivers license or would I need more? Secondly, I'm intrigued as to the whereabouts of the new venue possibility for June dates. Is it still CQB indoors? Where is it located? Is it as good as The Embassy? Cheers
  4. Wasn't aware I could do that. I called Tree and he told me to stick it on the forums. Will see what's said tomorrow. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I've booked for 2 on 26th but my mate has had to drop out. If anyone is planning on booking wants to take the spot and just Paypal the deposit cash to me then let me know. Cheers
  6. That would be great. Thanks buddy. I've just enquired about a Chrono i've seen for sale, so if that doesn't go ahead then I'll be there on 29th. Cheers
  7. Hi guys, Sorry to Hijack, but it's pretty much on topic. I'm looking to sell my current gun and buy one of these CM16 Raiders. I'm next booking to come down on 12th April. Is there any way I can come down before that to get a chrono? Or anyone in Leicester area that has a chrono that would let me come over and test it with? Which ever gun I have I'll need to get it Crono'd before so I can downgrade if needed. Would much prefer to be using my own gun. Cheers
  8. Well I guess we can't do much about that. Lol. Shame we're losing these great sites.
  9. Really wanted to try this site What was the reason for it closing?
  10. I'll be there. Will secure my place on payday next week.
  11. Awesome, cheers. Can't wait!
  12. Hi guys. Is there any plans for games in April at The Embassy? I really enjoyed it and love that it's just down the road from me. Will be sad to see the site go.
  13. Was a good day, thanks for the footage. I saw quite a few cameras so would be nice to see everyone else's footage.