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  1. Good boots and water Just walk up to anyone and ask for tips, and tag on with people. From my experience, the FAO player base are dudes, and will help with anything they can Have fun
  2. Hi bud, make sure you get to the Hive and Anzio too!
  3. Most Wanted HVT game! 4 marshals are selected as card carrying HVT's and are issued with Ace of Spades, King, Queen, Jack. Each HVT leads a squad of 4 and are given 10 minutes after the midday break to go set themselves up (hide lol) The rest of the players are the hunters/assassins/Tier 1 ops etc and are split into teams of 8 (or whatever gets you 5 or 6 teams) Each team then hunts down the most wanted teams with the assassin taking the playing card from the players body (by walking up to him and taking it off him When every HVT is down, or time runs out, the squad with the highest card wins! No medic or regen for the hunted. If the card carrier is hit, his squad must stay to defend the card. If a non card carrier is hit, he can be medic'd by his assassin and joins the hunt for the HVT Attacking teams do not engage each other, but they can 'steal' a card by reaching the HVT first and taking the card. Hit hunters can be medic'd but on death regen in the main car park. Could lead to an excellent afternoon game, and put your marshals to the test. Eventually it could be 100+ players searching every nook and cranny of Anzio, while the small squad of 4 bad guys think about their sins. If the Ace of Spades outlives the allotted time, all the baddies win, and that team keeps the Ace of Spades for next time. The team that lasts the longest gets the Ace of Spades for next time. Wonder if any of the marshals like the sound of this???
  4. ^My lil brother Hitman has a cool video too, that guy is
  5. I seriously doubt i could do it again haha I was stuck in that room and saw my team mates walking past the glass window, and could hear you all chatting outside the doorway. I swear i was there for about 5 minutes lmao listening to people walking past the door Again, sorry about the knuckle slappers
  6. My team and I had an excellent day at Anzio The scenarios were excellent, the battlebus thing was something most of us hadn't done in airsoft before (shame Sam crashed it haha). Also the HVT exfill mission was a runaway success for the red's, with a small group of reds getting him back in no time, and the mission adopting a straight up fire-fight instead. Also, it has to be said that the people playing were excellent sports. Taking hit's, banter, following rules (no semi-auto punishment's today) was excellent! My highlights; - Being shot in the "bell" 3 times (not sure if it's a highlight tbh) after being hit - A pyro thrown from the Embassy window and over the hedge (by a yellow team player) bounced off my head and exploded behind me. This was while i was dancing off the "bell" hits! - Being medic'd by red team mate and hearing "go get your kills you crazy bastard" before charging down the side of the ridge (next to Bunker) running up the hill and capping the two yellows - Hearing a high pitched yelp from a mile away. No idea who/why but shared the laugh with yellows and red's alike - Laughing at my friend running into trouble, and while back-pedalling falling up the embassy steps backwards Apologies; - My apologies to the guy who in 3 shots, I managed to hit 3 different fingers. Sorry bud - My team mates for TK'ing them and having to put up with their abuse for the rest of the day So yeah, excellent day, can't wait to see some footage and more pictures, but most of all, can't wait till next time (just got to be nice to the wife )
  7. There are 2 people i remember most from Anzio - Pikachu and Hitman!
  8. Looks good, i didn't realise that modular meant you moved the walls around to make it different each time
  9. If your 6ft8 i may not want to talk to you haha Yeah that will be great bud, there's 4 of us, really impressed with Anzio and looking to play monthly (maybe do a local midweek game too now and again). I'll see if i can spot you in the crowd
  10. Ha, i prefer an M4 variant, though The newer type of AK's look ok though with the rails. Hate the banana mag's
  11. Thanks Harrison! Will do, yeah choosing first gun is proving stressful. The community is so opinionated.
  12. Someone mentioned the shelves next to the windows. I sidestepped from a window straight into one. They could also knock off eye protection! Some cover in the open grass areas leading to building entrances would be handy.
  13. I'm James from Sale (Manchester) My brother convinced me to come to Anzio, after not being sold on Airsoft after The Stan (broken rental(s), kneeling on a broken brick, ex policeman shooting me in the face every 5 minutes etc). F&O handle the 100+ players excellently, were helpful to us new players Site was varied and well maintained (no kneeling on broken bricks ) The other players were helpful too. I lost my tube of ammo and a yellow team mate filled my mag When i got shot in the face (used to it now) my oppo apologised, which was mental (red guy hiding behind the door in the Embassy) So yeah, now i'm sold. Coming again on the 15th April, hopefully playing monthly, and looking into the UKARA membership and getting my own AEG (finding the right one is stressful) See you 15th April