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  1. you could just go down there during game days to speak to the staff to get some info. Rental usually includes gun with one mag of ~300 BBs and face mask (£7.50 i think) for the 3hr skirmish games at the mill airsoft is pretty much 6mm plastic BBs. There are or were i guess 8mm but have faded out of airsoft.
  2. closet sites from Manchester City Center would be the Bunker which is the FAO shop in Swinton or the Mill in WIgan Next to that would be Anzio in Leek
  3. i suspect being 5 years you would need to go through the UKARA process again As far as I'm aware your local game site (UCAP) should register you for UKARA
  4. i think your best bet would be to ring the shop or go in person if you can. I've had my membership expired for around 6 months and whilst I played at the Bunker I renewed both my membership and UKARA.
  5. Welcome! Things to bring: Hat (offer some sort of protection for your noggin') Gloves Boots (trainers would be ok for Bunker) Drink (pewing is thirsty work) Shemagh or something to wrap around your neck I assume you would be hiring so face protection & gun would be included already. Clothes wise, most beginners would just wear a hoodie and Jeans.
  6. drink gloves hat/cap - it'll still hurt when hit on the head but may lessen the bruises shemagh scarf - protects the neck a bit make sure your eye protection has at least EN166 (B) Medium Energy Impact: 120m/s ~ 390 fps
  7. Not true. By just having a site membership isn't enough for a retailer to sell you a RIF The easiest way to purchase a RIF (besides being gifted one) is to get UKARA by registering at a site and playing 3 games within a 2 month period. After your 3 games and the 2 months you can register for UKARA with the skirmish site For example i played 3-4 games at the Hive during the midweek evening games (i already had the bronze membership) then printed out the UKARA paperwork and handed it to them after the 2months ( you can go into the FAO shop and hand this in as well ). Few weeks later I got an email saying that I was registered. If you don't just ring up the shop to verify There are other ways to purchase a RIF like using it for reenactment or filming but you will need valid evidence for this. Majority of airsofters go through the UKARA process Oh yea you have to be 18+ as well
  8. guess you are aware that the Bolton site has closed but a new one has opened up in Preston. As for the "old mill" do you mean the Hive in Middleton? Again that one has closed but now there is the Mill in Wigan
  9. Far as I'm aware the 3 games had to be at the same site but i don't know with FAO if they allow to be at any of their sites. If yes then you'll be able to get UKARA from the 10th otherwise you'll have to wait till 24th November (3 games in at least 2 month period)
  10. make the leap and just jump straight into it - Book a game that's nearest to you - You will need hire equipment for you first 3 games (unless you buy a two tone gun) - Get UKARA - Get RIF - Spend lots of money on gear and more guns
  11. Been interested in this new product from Nuprol Anyone tried installing this on a G&G CM16 Carbine? One of the annoying aspects of this gun is that the hand guard wobbles quite a bit
  12. All i heard was watch this space I did find the Hive a better place to skirmish than the night games in the Stockport site. A bit more open and less restrictive, more so no pitch black darkness
  13. Usually ring the shop to book in 0161 727 8863
  14. I would image yes. All two tone colourings are allowed for skirmish. Two tones are really for purchasing of a RIF. Under 18s are allowed to skirmish with a non-two tone since it could be given to them as a present by a parent who holds a UKARA license and not to mention the hire guns are not two tone
  15. Do we have to book for these events?