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  1. So a battlesim, unlike a regular skirmish day, is a non-stop themed day. Which basically means you get a proposed plan of the day for just your team and you have to complete as many objectives as possible. There is a normal lunch break and you have it while on the field (so some lucky bugger could actually shoot the crisp right out of you hand). This battlesim is themed on the 1984 movie, Red Dawn and therefore, follow that story line (not too much though, like we have helicopters just lying about!). If you have anymore questions, I would recommend checking the facebook page.
  2. Date and type of the event: Sunday 16th July - Battlesim Brief description. ASG 400rd speed loader More detailed Description: Looks like an m4 mag and had some bb's in it Last Seen: In the left hand 'Stores' building (coming from safezone), in the main room we used for the Ukraine HQ.
  3. Johnathan Cliff - own kit
  4. Hi, yes the full facemask will fit over glasses. It did when i had to wear it and it's all one size fits all, it might feel tight on the sides but there's not much you can do. I would probably advise against jeans, come in a pair of joggers or something loose fitting, since you could be walking through grassy areas, they could get uncomfortable. Bring boots too as you will need the ankle support! Depending on the weather, a jumper/hoodie is good. The hire gun at all sites is a G36c, so that's what you'll get. Since you are 13, you will need to have a parent/guardian with you on site at all times (they don't have to play, just be in the safe zone), so bring them! Other than that you will need to bring a completed insurance waiver (you might be able to fill one in there, but best be prepared) and the rest of the booking fee. Hope you enjoy the day!
  5. I should have asked this when I bought my rifle, but are all the weapons in the shop good to use right away at the sites? Or will i need to come back in and get it sorted?
  6. So I did a self check and got an email back saying that the following details are on the system, Player Number Expiry date Player Name Post code Email Address Date of Birth Player Status Skirmish Site Site Status I'm guessing that this email confirms that my details are on the database?
  7. Hello, I received an email from the UKARA mailer on Tuesday titled 'UKARA Online Database - New Player'. Does this mean that my details have just been entered and pending full authorisation? Or that my details are just on the database and now I'm able to purchase RIFs? If it is the second option, do I just use my player number as the code to enter when asked when I'm making a purchase?
  8. Thankyou, sadly I've only just got back home and the shop is closed. Would it be alright if I show up first thing or should I leave it for another time?
  9. I'm looking to come down to the bunker on Sunday for the shooting range and skirmish events, however I can't see a link to the booking page. Is there another way to book the event and hire gear? Or am I being blind
  10. (bump) Out of curiosity, would it be advised that I buy a bottle of bb's for a midweek mission while potentially booking? I'm thinking that I would more than likely run out of bb's quite quickly.
  11. Excellent read there Lots of good advice for me to use for when i eventually go to a site.
  12. Hello, Thought i'd finally introduce myself on here, I'm Johnathan but you can call me John. I thought I'd give airsoft a try and meet new people and hopefully get fit. I have read up on UKARA/VCRA, so luckily there is no need to make sure i read up on them =P I'll most likely start out at the Hive since it's easy to get to but sadly i won't be able to start for some time (life of a recent student eh?). Luckily though it does give me a little time to get the basic needs which brings me to my main question: The full face protection that is rented, is it suitable for prescription lenses? Or would it be best for me to purchase goggles (plus lens rig) and some sort of lower face protection? Hopefully i can get sorted asap so i can jump in =)