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  1. GOOD BOOTS!! I myself got 4 pairs Magnums are cheap and good:)
  2. In Poland. Started in my home town and then in Warsaw. Right now im trying to make a good second squad of my team, but here in UK(Crewe and areas)
  3. I don't believe Welcome Crewe Town Airsofter If you want, check our Crewe Airsoft Team fb group. https://www.facebook.com/pages/3rd-Fr-UK/550298368413230?fref=ts
  4. Thx mate! M100 spring is inside right now so it should be something like 350fps. Plus now I know for 100% that i need to buy mp7
  5. I will add my question. How many fps can you have in m249 at anzio ?
  6. Welcome all! New(here, I was playing in Poland for 8 years) player from Crewe area Will shoot you soon at Anzio