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  1. http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=4456 Also my friend has this gun would he be alowed to use it
  2. Can you give me full details on the fps on your indoor and out door sites. From what I can tell up to now its 350fps indoors and ??? Outdoors
  3. That's amazing cheers buddy I'l gather my friends and when I get some confirmations I'l ring up and start the booking process. Is there any indication of how many other people will be at the event?
  4. My first question is about membership. I don't understand about what different things that membership grants you. UKARA/Membership No. I guess this means that theise games won't count to a UKARA application? £ 5 Off Green Fees £ 10 off Green Fees What are green fees? Free Members Day Pass I Assume they hold members only days and this grants you free access to those. Discount on Retail a discount in there shop? Members Day Free Food free food on the members days that makes sense Free Badge some sort of patch for your kit Membership Card some sort of id number and membership for F&O games. Online booking functionality can book oonline What exactly you get from the hire kit. what guns do you get? is it a m4,a g36, mp5 how many rounds in the mag and is this per game or to last you all day. is the protective kit just a set of over alls and some knee and elbow pads ? Is there any group offer discount if I come down with 5 friends. I'm looking at going with a bunch of friends to the Manchester woodland event on the 10th if we can get some more details I know this all seems like I'm being a bit of a fanny and moaning but I like to know what I'm spending my cash on