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  1. Hello, i have my ukrara with FAO, And i am wondering how to do an address change
  2. shell shock woods in bridgnorth
  3. Hello, Shell shock woods might be your best bet At Least for open days
  4. Hello all, I am thinking of getting one of these and i was wondering if they can be used on this site
  5. Depends on what type of two tone you haave haha and incase you care im booked for 24/4 @ Shellshock
  6. They do say to not use a sniper when you're starting, ( i used an AEG For my first game, but iv got a cheap ish (£130) Sniper for my next game ) atm iv only had chance for target shooting but ill be taking it to my next game, Im still taking my AEG Though . ill stick the link in my post in a minute but here is the raw footage 9 my camera cut out after about 2 hours) It is very fun, im trying to get a couple of my mates down. FYI If youre >18YO Wait until you have your UKARA Before you buy any guns
  7. Are you planning on going to the 24th of April a swell (just clearing the date up) Hope to see you too ( look out for the guy with the green sniper, and the blue cammo g36) The game i went to had a heck of alot of people, wouldn't be surprised if itd been hitting 100 in total. Although more likely around the 70 mark + staff. The video is uploaded but the one i cut the junk out only ended up being 8 minutes long /. Hour n half. Although im happy to senf you thevfull footage And its not a dumb qeustion, i was worried about the event not happening because it wasnt on the fourm haha
  8. Im going to shellshock the 24th of next month
  9. Hey all, so i had my first game at the asylum today and i loved it. I will be going again, just a shame that the asylum will be closeing soon. Thank you to all involved I will edit in a link to the gun cam footage once iv eddited it Hope to see u all soon and i hope this isnt in the wrong place
  10. Thank you, its came today and it fits. Now its on charge to see if it works.
  11. Thank you i will call them when i get the chance
  12. Hello all, sorry if this in the wrong place. Does FAO sell Batterys compatible with the Well D68(g36) As im looking for an extra battery before i go on my first skirmish. If not does anyone know any compatible batterys? Thanks in advance
  13. Do all you have to be 18 for the games to count Ie if I play a game a month to December (im 18 in November) Will i be eligible (I.understand I have to be 18 to get the urkara membership)
  14. Harrison Thank you for your time in anwsering With the waiver you've posted a link to the photo bucket (I have already got a waiver ready so don't worry) For number 16, i never mentioned anything about a sniper, but I wouldn't have brought a sniper for a while anyway And why have you got random j's is it a couple people anwsering or something Once again thank you for your time, any other thoughts and tips would be appreciated