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  1. I have two different styles of Blackhawk serpa and both my WE 1911s fit fine in both.
  2. If I was a feminist I'd be shaking my head at this thread.
  3. Whoever told you that was telling you the wrong thing, according to the guidelines at least. You also did the worng thing by listening to them instead of checking it, if that's what you did. Who told you that anyway?
  4. "Three games in no less than two months" is the guideline. I don't know where anyone got 'fourth game after two months' from, but as long this is the third game you've played with F&O during a period of over two months (yet within a reasonable enough time period for you still to be considered as playing 'regularly') you should just be able to rock up to Jamie, or one of his proxies, with your filled out paperwork (and cash money for membership if you haven't got this yet) and he'll sort out your UKARA membership (note: not a 'license').
  5. I thought you needed a UKARA license to look at pictures of guns on the internet (unless you are holding hands with someone who was over 18 and has a UKARA license). I also heard that you need a UKARA license certificate to watch any Arnold Schwarzenegger action film that was made between 1985 and 1995 unless it was the new VCRA special edition Blu Ray version where all the guns have been two toned with CGI and every time someone gets shot it just cuts to a scene from Kindergarden Cop.
  6. Whatever I did I did for the good of the entire Alliance (and maybe I kept just a little to keep food in my belly). An agent's got to eat.
  7. It's going to be hard to ever trust you again. Will cost you at least 100 space dollars and one painted chunk of wood.
  8. That's just what this verse needs, more Browncoat scum...
  9. Another question. Does this thread count for booking in or is another system being used?
  10. Welcome to 'New Hope.'
  11. I've just found out that Lancaster Uni has an Airsoft society. As an alumni and current Lancastrian I'll have to chat to you guys next time I'm down. Oh, and the day was great as always! Nice to be back after a break!
  12. I've got a nice MP7A1 for the next game I'm at.
  13. Damn you Prophet, and damn the Mall. I say a return to Anzio is best.
  14. I may be in need of some cybernetic arm implants if I end up playing Jayne then? I'm also going to start a 'wanted' thread for some combat boots with 5 inch heels since Adam Baldwin is 6'4 and I'm only 5'11...
  15. ^ As much as I love being Alliance, Fedaykin and I were recently talking about the need to get the Serenity crew back in to make the game a proper Firefly roleplay rather than just a western in space. Despite the fact that I'm not all that big, I have volunteered to be Jayne if the need arises (I'll grow a goatee and everything). That being the case I totally agree with Matty's idea above! (provided some gun tech can make me a ridiculously ugly but powerful supergun).