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  1. https://www.facebook.com/pages/First-and-Only-Otley/1496597977256221 The Facebook page- pics will be on there this week...
  2. Great day today even if the weather predictions scared some away. As always we value opinions but in the case of the trial run of new games it's particularly important. Personally I loved all the games using the maze and the tournament styles especially. I just wish I had worn something thicker than a t shirt in the nettles and for some protection at close quarters; I look like I have the pox... I'll post any links to pics here as well.
  3. Facebook with new pics every game at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/First-and-Only-Otley/1496597977256221
  4. Sniper hunting mission timeline: Operation Forward Spear completed 11.40. Ammo dump held and snipers successfully held at bay. Operation Forward Trident failed due to key losses at the arena 12.05. Operation Forward Arrow abandoned 12.40 without losses. Operation Hunting Trident completed 12.50 at the radio mast. Sniper eliminated but with some friendly fire. Operation Hunting Spear abandoned at 12.50 in the grassland but 2 support gunners eliminated despite friendly fire. Operations Searching Spear, Hunting Arrow and Searching Trident completed at 13.30. All objectives achieved by all teams. Operation Vengeful Spear completed 15.20 near the ammo dump and continued by the radio mast with some losses. Operation Searching Arrow completed 15.30 in the grasslands. Operation Broken Trident completed 15.40 but with heavy losses. Snipers setting up for ambush towards the radio mast. Operation Broken Arrow completed 16.00 and set up for final assault begun. Operation Fallen Trident begins 16.15. Team Trident joins the sniper teams in a last chance to hold the bunkers and win the day. Successfully hold teams Arrow and Spear to a draw but with points for the day ending as follows: Arrow 140, Spear 77 and Trident 54
  5. It was great marshalling today- totally worth the extra planning from our end. Cheers to everyone who made it through the gales!
  6. At this point there is a s**t load of muddy bits and bobs in lost and found! Please post in here if you are missing anything! Anything of real value I have already chased up out of the found pile.
  7. ...and a few more while I have some internets...
  8. Hi again all. Another round of photos and feedback from this weekend. I had a good time marshalling- it was great to see some new regulars (and Dean!) though the afternoon, with better weather and improved play, put more smiles on people's faces from what I saw. What do you all think?
  9. After a later than planned start I enjoyed the day and had chance to take pics as well. Hope you guys enjoyed it?