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  1. Okay Cheers mate
  2. Hi can you purchase BB's when we get onto the site from a shop or do we have to supply our own?
  3. Cheers
  4. Hi all, Another quick question, are under 18's allowed to use gas pistols on skirmish sites ? All the best, Luke
  5. Thats great thanks for the info, will make sure I carry some medication around with me plus will always be with a friend anyway Thanks for your help
  6. Hi All, Just a quick question I have type 1 Diabetes will this still allow me to play on skirmish or not?
  7. Great thanks for helping me mate
  8. Cheers for helping me out
  9. Here is the link to the gun as the image is quite small:
  10. Hi all, Just have a question if any of you guys could help me. A few months ago I had a gun purchased for me as i wanted to get into air soft it is called the G & G GC- 16 Metal Combat Machine, as i am only 16 i have to have it sprayed two tone so a bright colour covering over 50% of the gun, I had the option to have it sprayed two tone in a tiger camouflage which is bright green white and grey I am just wondering if this is still allowed on the skirmish sites for a 16 year old? Here is a photo but the blue version and also a link tot he weapon: All the best, Luke