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  1. Hey bud, thanks for letting me know It's all good. You're right about the .36's in CQB, body shots wouldn't be bad but you're right that it'd hurt if I were to accidentally shoot someone's head. I'll leave 0.25's in it
  2. Hi folks. I'm new to these forums, but I've been to a couple of FAO sites before and I've not long ago discovered The Outpost. Looking forward to playing some CQB I plan on booking in myself and 4 other friends, but I have a question or two before I do. So my question is: is it possible to rent guns on the day? I have an upgraded TM SCAR-H recoil shock that I'll be bringing and I want to borrow it to one of my friends who's coming with me; it chrono's at 335 - 343 average on my chronograph (Guarder Speeder 2000), however other sites have insisted before that 'their chronograph cost more and therefore is more accurate' and it's showed up as 349 - 351 on theirs. This was with 0.20g BB's, and I'd rather not pay for a rental I may not need So assuming mine failed The Outpost's chrono tests, would I still be able to get a rental on the day? I have a TM HK417 with a stock spring in it so I'll be using that, I just don't want my friends to be left without a gun Or.. if they paid up front for their rental, and the SCAR does pass the chrono test, would they be able to get their £15 refunded on the day? I also wanted to ask are there any BB weights that aren't tolerated? I intend to use 0.36g BB's in my pistols, is that alright? Replies would be greatly appreciated I intend to book us all in tomorrow.