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  1. Best thing to do mate is find a first and only site that's is near to you and get yourself booked in they do hire gun packeges that you can use for the day give it a try first and am sure there will be a few people there on the day that will gladly answer any other questions you have P.S Welcome to airsoft
  2. No problem mate most probably be the next year that i go now
  3. As i say just listen out for a scouse accent that will be me and if you hear a Scottish one that's my mate mike
  4. Ok mate as i say me and a few friends will be there so you will be welcome to come hang with us anytime
  5. I like the sounds of this and think it would be good to try at anzio
  6. i like the sounds of this and think it would be good to try at anzio
  7. Hi reece318 me and a few friends are going anzio on the 3rd December if you want to join us
  8. Ok thanks mate
  9. Hi just need abit of info on this i played my first game 10th September at the jungle second game 24th September at anzio and i also played a game on the 22nd of October at anzio. Is it ok to play my last game at anzio any weekend after the 12th November and be able to get my ukara done
  10. See you soon matt me and a few friends will be at anzio on the 22nd might see you there
  11. It's on the website mate
  12. Just listen out for a liverpool accent mate lol
  13. Hello reece318 am gonna be at anzio on the 22nd there will be me and a few mates going if you wanna come find us mate And normack let me know what the tunnels are like haven't been there yet
  14. Just thought i would say hi to everyone and say thanks to tree beard jamie chris and dean for a good day at the jungle on 10th September me and craig had a good time looking to book anzio for the 24th September