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  1. Damn man! I've seen some videos there looks ace! And booked to go to the outpost in Kidderminster on the 30th gonna go get lost in some tunnels haha
  2. You booked in any events yet mate?
  3. Cheers man! Yeah closest one to me is Kidderminster so think I'm gonna book the open day at the outpost for 30th of October cheers bud
  4. Hey guys, thinking of going to the outpost in kidderminster next month just wondering is it very noob friendly? As it will be my first airsoft outing and i'll be all on my todd lol
  5. Hey complete newbie to airsoft used an air rifle the once but that's about it lol I'd love to get into it live in bromsgrove do you do any sort of training days or is it best just to jump into an event? Any advice would much appreciated hopefully make some new friends too