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  1. Ye me to bought my first gun Saturday wanting a pistol before I go again so probs after Christmas to to cold lol
  2. Won't be making it to Anzio on the 3rd buddy Gotta work let us know when you next book n I'll see cus I've got none booked as of yet
  3. I got a game this weekend at the lab in Buxton and I'll check Anzio out on the 3rd Ye after Saturday get my ukara all sorted and I can get my own gun psyched I'll check Anzio out
  4. Hi all is anyone else in the West Midlands or on Facebook who goes to games on there own
  5. Didn't see you buddy
  6. Hi bud
  7. Have you booked yet
  8. Lol Liverpool that's a trek and a half I'm only in Stafford n I'm winging about driving there I'll keep an ear out oh Ye I looked and I can't find any games in Anzio on the 22nd it on the website at least only ones on the 8th
  9. Anzio camp booked for the 8th
  10. And thanks jim
  11. Cheers jay221611 much appreciated I'll definitely find ya to say hi it's all booked now so looking forward to it don't know how I'll know who's you though lol
  12. Is that drake low tunnels did a zombie experience there lol was ace let me know how it goes
  13. Gonna go Anzio camp in leek on the 8th of October and yourself
  14. Hi everyone I'm new and most likely gonna be on my own a lot of the time and I live in Stafford looking forward to meeting you all
  15. Hi I'm another new guy lol I'm based in Stafford