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  1. Hello all. I just wanted to thank the team for a good day at Anzio yesterday. Didn't see any issues with hit-taking and the sportsmanship was spot on. Lost count of the number of times I heard 'good shot mate' or 'well taken', which is always good to hear. Excellent work from the marshals too, I don't think there was a single point where one of you wasn't within shouting distance. Keep it up. I only have two criticisms of the day. One, the sheer number of friendly fire incidents; and two, the length of the safety brief in the morning. Frankly, the number blue on blues I both saw and fell victim to was absolutely shocking. I have never played a game where so many people were just point blank refusing to check their targets before firing. In the first game of the day (the escalating engagement), myself and a teammate headed outside from our start point in D1, and took up a spot just outside, underneath a tree facing D4. There wasn't much happening in D1 so we thought we'd go and pick a fight to try and get things moving. Next thing we knew, we got lit up by a bloke on our own side from the top floor of D1. Another lad came out to medic us, and during this I heard the guy saying that 'I just saw some movement so I shot at it' - what? I can appreciate that we aren't that visible when we're obscured by branches but we had to waste a medic because someone wasn't willing to take a few seconds to try and get a PID on his target. I know lives aren't at risk in airsoft, but if yesterday was for real, we wouldn't have been able to just jump back in the fight after a 10-second medic. That would have been two less people to fight on the guy’s team, and all because of an avoidable lack of trigger discipline. The second issue for me and a couple of other fellas was the safety brief. Please note, this isn’t a personal criticism against individual marshals, and nor should it be treated as such. My beef is not with content of it, because everything that needed to be covered was, but rather the length. I timed it from when it started at 9.33 and finished at 10.08 - that's 35 minutes. I've heard of other safety briefs from other sites taking 10-15 minutes in the past, where everything was understood by everyone. I can appreciate that safety must come first in this sport, and that it’s important for new players to fully understand all the rules, but your average player could probably recite the safety brief in his sleep because he’s heard the whole thing many times before. A side issue to this is when marshals have to wait for everyone to arrive at the brief before he starts/ If stragglers are still faffing around in the safe zone 5 minutes after ‘everyone make their way up to the safety brief’ is shouted by a marshal, then they should miss 5 minutes of the first game. I shouldn’t have to miss out on game time because of other people’s poor personal administration. Likewise, if I'm taking a day off work and paying £35 to play, plus the associated costs of getting to Anzio from Bolton, then I don't think it's unreasonable to expect as much game time as possible. The booking thread for yesterday’s skirmish even states a game start time of 10am, so I fully expect to be slotting people with gay abandon at 10.01. However, by the time the safety brief had finished, everyone had gone back to the safe zone to get ready, returned to the parade ground, the game brief had been delivered and people had got to their start points, it was 10.30 when the first shout of 'game on' went up. Lunch started at 12.15, and afternoon play commenced at 1.15, finishing at 4. That's 4 and a half hours of play instead of 5. Half an hour less than promised might not seem like a huge deal to some people, but it is when briefings are taking 35 minutes, and we aren’t even anywhere near to commencing the game. All I’m asking for here is a look at how the brief is delivered. It should be short, sharp and to the point, rather than drawn out and repetitive which is how some briefings have been in the past. If it helps, marshals could use crib sheets to refer to, instead of going ‘anything I’ve missed?’ and asking the players to remind him of anything he might have overlooked. Marshals should know what they’re saying and how they’re saying it, without leaving any room for misunderstanding on the players’ part. I’m not against a couple of jokes here and there to liven up what can often be a rather dull experience, and I can appreciate that it must be boring for the marshals to have to deliver the same brief week in, week out, but 35 minutes is a lot of time, especially if it’s encroaching on the stated game start time. If people have questions or aren’t sure of anything, they should wait until the end of the brief, rather than the marshal having to interrupt himself to deal with individual questions before carrying on, which makes the whole thing take even longer. I’m fully open to criticism on any of my points here, if anything I’m keen to know if anyone else feels the same. Cheers, Chris
  2. Gonna keep this brief cos I'm at work, but I think it's a great little site. Not the type of place you could play every 2 weeks, cos I think you'd get bored pretty quick, but for fast-paced CQB play, it takes some beating as far as northern FAO sites go. The good points: excellent morning games (find and hold the bomb components, hunt down and extract the VIP), which really lend themselves to this type of layout. Good briefing, nice and short, and a no-nonsense attitude to problems from the marshals. Good work fellas. Vintorez letting me (literally) drag him upstairs and swear loudly at him when he was the VIP in the morning Bad points: so-so afternoon games, particularly the territory wars, which in our experience just turned into who could hold the stairwells for the longest. I know these were experimental games, but the group of guys I was with found that they don't work particularly well at this type of site, simply because of the range at which you're fighting.
  3. Top day, wet as **** though! I saw one of the marshals taking pics during the first game, sorry pal I forgot what your name is! Any idea when these will be up?
  4. Dazza was taking pics, they should be up in the next few days. Sears, Pricey and myself had a great day, the games were well run and we didn't see any problems all day. Low numbers really work at Bolton, it allows players to go on epic sneaking and hunting missions without getting bumped every 5 minutes. Needless to say, we did this a lot Too bad the reds couldn't get across the river and take the bases at the top of the hill, they were a bit slow to get started but from somewhere they found a bit of oomph and actually put up a decent fight. Really enjoyed it. Well done to marshal Sam especially, he doesn't take any bullshit and it definitely showed in the quality of the games. They weren't too difficult or or taxing but they were just damn good fun. Nice work brother!
  5. Bloody brilliant day, regardless of the crappy weather (it actually added to the experience if I'm honest). No probs at all from a marshalling perspective, and it was great to help out some of the less-experienced players for a change. They got proper stuck in with me, good lads! I'll expand more later, right now I'm going to sleep cos I am FUCKED.
  6. Lol Dave that wasnt a noob, that was Harrison!
  7. If you have a problem with your eye/face protection whilst in game, you need to stop playing and shout for a marshal immediately. NEVER remove anything that protects your face in game without a marshal present, you might think you're being as safe as possible by only moving your mask up a little, but it only takes one stray round to blind you or knock a tooth out. You only get one set of eyes, it's worth putting up with a bit of sweaty discomfort until you can be sorted out by someone else. Don't risk it.
  8. Dazz took a load, he should have them up soon hopefully! I took some as well but they're a bit pants haha.
  9. Yeah, imagine trying to capture Sandbag while a midnight dogging session is in full swing..
  10. I had a great day, cheers to Dan, Sears and the rest of the Djinn for letting me be their radio guy! My arms are COVERED in midge bites, it looks like I've got smallpox. Bloody irritating. Great stuff though, well worth it. The weather was hit and miss, but I'm not sure any of us really cared. Would have preferred sunshine OR showers all day rather than bits of both, because that just made the insect problem a million times worse, especially in the morning. It made a real difference to play for 6-7 hours straight rather than breaking up for dinner, or having large groups of players disappear back to their cars to get water/reload etc. Taking everything we needed for the day out into the field made things so much easier, and kept the gameplay flowing a lot better. You ate and drank when you needed to rather than at a time decided for you by someone else. It felt a lot more like a milsim game rather than your average weekend skirmish. Note to self: next time, bring last night's cold pizza in a sealed tub rather than foil, midges seem to like pepperoni! The treks back to regen points, especially at the start of the day, were a pain in the arse, but it's better than going back to the car. You're still in the field and you've still got a sense of what's going on with the game. Dazza kindly allowed us to move our regens as the day wore on, which made it easier on our legs in the afternoon. Cheers buddy! Highlights of the day for me were the final extract at 4pm, taking out Dunk and a couple others up at the dam, getting friendly fired just as I was about to kill Dazza (before getting medic'd back in to finish the job), and the last stand that Harrison, Sears, Price and myself made at Sandbag. Running past Price's position in his bunker and chucking my USP at him after his MP7 went down seemed to happen in super slo-mo, just a shame it landed in the mud because he then had to rack the slide after each shot for it to work. Then I thought it was wise to throw a spare mag at him, which landed nowhere near where he was, requiring him to run into incoming fire to retrieve it. Sorry mate! Top day. Roll on the next one!
  11. Anyone got any pics from this game? Daz?
  12. Great day from a marshal's perspective, only a few small issues as far as I could see, but these were dealt with rapidly. Cheers to Jamie for letting me have a crack at briefing the players in the morning, I think I did rather well considering I was looking at the red side whilst saying something that was meant for the yellows, ha. Echoing what Sears said, the afternoon assault on the reds defending Nigel would have been over a lot sooner had a large quantity of yellows not decided to stand in a group along the approach to it, waiting to have Facebook photos taken. Myself and 4 or 5 other guys were left to fight on our own, getting killed and rushing back to Hamburger to regen, before racing back into the fight, all the while with this group of yellows stood there wondering what to do. Even our shouts of encouragement weren't enough to get them moving! Seriously guys, the next time you want to do that, move out of the way. I'd been back to Hamburger twice to regen, and both times I saw the same couple of guys standing there. You pay your money to play all day, why not make the most of it? The reds had managed to push us back towards Sandbag before we mobilised enough to push them back to Nigel. Bloody hard work, but we finally got the laptop and exfilled it to Sandbag for the final defence. I was dug in on the hillside when Bear Poo and Harrison approached me. Harrison walked past without seeing me, at which point I put three into his back, but then Bear Poo tried to surrender me. Fat chance matey I tried getting some shots through the bush before my pistol mag emptied. Apparently he ran out at the same time, so he changed to his primary and I reloaded, before firing off some shots, but he put one right into the top of my head. Credit to him for showing restraint in surrendering a marshal, I sure as hell wasn't taking it! Also, the extract of the camo net at the end (pistols vs AEGs) was quality. I carried the tray with the net in, and we started to move towards the campsite, but were quickly ambushed. Myself, a guy in a grey top and ballcap, Will, Junmon and a chap with a green Glock took the long way out. A perfect extraction. We got contacted at the very end, but we managed to make it out with the net. Solid teamwork from those guys. Good combination of hand signals, observation and stealthy movement. Cheers to Sears and whoever else gave us cover towards the gate! Great day all round, those yellows just need to get a bit more motivated next time!
  13. Heh, I'll accept responsibility for taking the other can team to the top gate on the road. We'd got through Ridge base and realised that the top gate was closest to us, and we'd have definitely run into massive resistance at the bridge entrance - if we'd even got that far. Might have caused a bit of a cluster **** at first but it worked out in the end! I got taken out pretty quickly, so I left through the gate and sat next to the pond on the other side of the road, only to see my yellows coming out with both cans a few minutes later. Proper buzzing I was They were a bit slow off the mark when we started the extract, but they soon picked up speed and before I knew it we'd made it to the gate, only for Neil and his cohorts to pop up and contact us. Nice shooting from Neil too, got me right in the middle of the forehead. Cracking effort from my guys, well done again yellows! Also, as a marshal, I didn't spot any problems with hit taking or cheating. Good, solid, honest play from everyone. Had to tell one or two guys that they'd been hit, but I think that was more down to being caught up in the heat of the firefight than actively cheating.
  14. I had a quality day, lots of fluid gameplay and it was good to be up and running at 10am rather than half 10 like usual jamie lad! No real issues from a marshalling standpoint, but there was some frankly shocking defence from the yellows in the afternoon - the lube was stolen from us in pretty short order, but we managed to get the cans back quite quickly. Nice of Jamie to let us use the part of the site beyond the wall for this part too. Good work from the yellows in getting the cans back and then managing to get them exfilled to the road. Plenty of teamwork going on, always good to see. Thanks for letting me boss you all about with the 4 teams idea too Congrats to Dave on his wife's pregnancy, hope to see her back on the field soon! Pictures here: