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  1. Great day up until I had my little accident lol. Was really looking forward to the last game too. Aswell as thanking Jamie and the guys for hosting another great day, i'd also like to thank the first aider for sorting my head out (Y) BIG thanks there, everything okay now, just some glue to hold the wound all together =] As for gameplay, I was on the yellows and both teams seemed equally balanced, some great moments such as a bit where small squads of each colour kept making an appearance and had a little "Territory war" which was quite f un to watch (as I was hit). Also, got a nice handfull of kills with my 40mm grenades too which are always good fun for me =] From now on, a helmet is a must for me xD.
  2. Thanks people for yet another great day at Bolton. I hadn't used my sniper for a good while and decided to give it a whirl this year - I ended up sniping ALL day when I should really have tested my new M4 upgrades >.< Got some tasty kills, A leaping knife kill and some minor lumps on my body to show my worth =P Kudos to a member of the Djinn/Wildcards who was well hid in a bush with a shotgun =P I only fired about 150-200 rounds in the day and only saw about 2 hits bounc off people but I soon rehit them again. All in All, 5*'s!!!
  3. Thanks to the people who played today, although very few numbers turned up, it made for much more sociality and I noticed a hell of a lot more team work that usuall =] The weather was great about dinner time when the sun started beaming through and the games played were alot more intense - as one wrong move could cause a disastrous consquence for a team. Best moment of the day was when me and another guy ambushed near enough a full squad of about 4 or 5? And some very good snipers on the enemy team. My M4 started to make a funny noise to the end of the day and when I got home, I removed the upper reciver and stared into the top of my Gearbox (it was air holes over viewing the piston), the gears were compleely out of time so I need to look at that sometime very soon. Thanks aghain people! Hope to see you all soon.
  4. Just a quickie about the chrono topic - The results read from the main chrono (next to the parking area) said my aug was firing about 328 ish but when the in game chrono came up (a madbull blue chrony?) it said I was hitting about 240-250 lol >.< Just thought i'd mention it if anyone else had the same results from the same chronies.
  5. Great day as usuall, Shame about the wind and also a shame about my M4 just 5 fps over (brand new) BUT rules are rules =D The video footage above, albeit only being a minute or so long was probably the best minute of airsoft i've seen on youtube yet xD Quality. Also, my funniest moment was when I struck a pyro and as I held it in my hand an enemy walked around the corner =P Thanks people and hopefully see some of you at Bolton in February =D
  6. haha, first time at Wrexham, great day =] I think the layout of the site is perfect and everything seems to fit in together - especially the maps that were printed out. I very much liked the game where we (yellows) had planted the bomb in the 2nd bunker and the reds had to find it. One thing I would say to people new to this site is BRING A DAMN PAIR OF GLOVES!!!! haha. Very prickly =P
  7. Excellent as always xD
  8. The weather was a bit off, but after weraing a couple of thinnish t-shirts I wasn't too cold actually =D (last time I came, it absolutely pi$$ed it down). Had a bit of trouble with some mag's so hopefully a bit of silicone oil should have sorted that. Anyway, back on topic, definately one of my best days at Bolton =D Loving the variety in game scenarios as well as the odd one from past visits =] And Kudos to the guy who's pellet just scraped my arm via a pistol (aparently) on the side of Hamburger Hill xD
  9. Ah apologies lol, when I switch my AV over to digitalTV or Scart the volume is really high, so I lesser it on PC mode which in turn makes me enhance the audio manually (amplify) xD My bad lol.
  10. few clips of video footage, been working since so forgive the rushness haha. Enjoy.
  11. great day as per. SHame one video file got deleted (on its own) as I went to breach a window with my MGL =[ I did however, get some more footage with it =D So when my pc decides to pick up, it will be up sometime shortly! Loved everygame we played! Thanks guys =D
  12. Yeah, probably =P So many of you poked up at the same time lol.
  13. Just thought i'd test/share some new video editting out. Not my best gameplay as the day was nearing an end xD
  14. I think the way he has took the time to review almost every single gun his shops sells and to put them on youtube is quite some dedication to his business - look carefully - he is even setting up 'two-tone' game days where ukara "black" guns are not allowed. However, only for the extreme minors and garden plinking, the sites 99% of stock is not viable for proper skirmishing (The hi-capa 3.8 is probably the only decent pistol on there?) I would stay away. And god only knows what the "free pistol" is when you spend over £50 lol. Anyway, i'm sure were keeping this back on topic here lmao.
  15. My friend has a G^G mp5 with ebb which he bought for just over 100 quid. Not a bad gun either!