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  1. i wish my school had all that stuff i mean electricity and working loos we didn't even have school lunches
  2. one of the best days of airsoft ive ever had didnt get my ukara though glad to see you lot like the costume ill be wearing it again there even though the sombrero is now shot full of holes haha looking forward to getting back there soon and a bick up to vlad for sliding on his knees to trie and take us out but getting cut down before he could
  3. it was one of the best days ive had alot of fun in the snow looking forward to seeing the pics and vids i thought it was a good idea Loki it was a laugh and i didnt get hit running to the pub so for me it was worth letting you borrow the Masada simply for the laughs and having fun is what its all about in the end plus i think i got them with the snow balls as well . other than that had great day fair play very friendly players. i got brave in the last game and only used my pistol (witch worked well despite the cold) and i was laughing most of the day with how fun it was
  4. was one of the best days of airsoft ive had so far great game play no cheating and freindly players are there any pics or vids from that day id like to see my tactical mexian look
  5. any idea when the rest of the pics will be up on the sight?
  6. awsome pics mate haha some good pics of me dancing there hahaha (im the one in the skull mask)
  7. are there dates for march?
  8. hahaha love the pics man some great ones of me in the sombraro
  9. can you get a hold of cyma mags for the p226/ glock aep what would it cost
  10. a realy good day of airsoft (but a day of bad luck for me) some realy good game play. i was on the attacking team at the begining for the first time got some good kills and the sombraro made people laugh so all turned out well. need to practice sniping the wind didnt help and sun down the scope was even worse but all in all realy good. i have to say the marshalls were realy on the ball today any issues were delt with. and apart from some argry players every one was nice and freindly looking forward to seeing the pics. and will i be back but ill leave the sombraro for a less windy day as i lost it at one point and had to chase it across a feild
  11. lets just end any fat jokes now ok ive had more than my fair shair of bullying (hopfully no offence was ment but you know)
  12. haha yeah that to
  13. aaahhh the memories of this time not good man not good i was far to excited and was immature (bit like know but im bigger older and wiser ) but still excited every time i go
  14. great vids man a few time in there i see that the one the yellows are shooting at is me lol thats a weird feeling