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  1. Book in kris Jones. Mark Da cockster will be there too
  2. Kris Jones Mark Boden Own kit A'thank you
  3. book in Kris Jones and Mark Boden, Own kit.
  4. Book in Kris Jones and mark boden please Own kit.
  5. Hello, Kris Jones Mark Boden Own kit. Meat Thanks
  6. add Olly Jones please. own kit and meat cheers
  7. Hi, Booking in; Kris Jones Lee Jones Mark Boden All own kit, all Meaty Thanks
  8. sorry it's late. Book in Kris Jones Mark Boden Lee Jones Olly Jones All own guns, all eat le meat Cheers
  9. Book in Lee Jones (star of one man, one jar) Olly Jones Kris Jones Mark Boden all own kit all meaty Thanks
  10. Kris Jones and Mark boden own kits. Like the meat
  11. Hey Hey Hey, Booking Kris Jones Mark Boden Rich Mullen Lee "Accessories" Jones we own guns, we are meat eaters
  12. I had my best Airsofting day! usually my gun is crap and stops working, which ruins my day. but I had bought one of those new combat machines and they are just mint. I was well into the games, really motivated. Nicely thought out. I enjoyed it in the Cedars. I was in the doorway 3 doors down when the Tigers were attacking, popping in and out. It was just, great. hit taking was on top aswel, never once thought was cheating. Cheers
  13. booking in Kris Jones Mark Boden Lee Jones Rich Mullen all own gear all want burgerrssssss thanks
  14. book in 3 please Mark Boden Rich Mullen Lee jones all own kits and eats the meats, in both sorts thank-you
  15. booking in Mark Boden own Kit cheers