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  1. Me - Walk On Dan Kelly - Walk On Paul Dowell - Walk On Cheers, Andy
  2. Hi Fili, Welcome to the sport and the forums! Anything you need to know should have already been asked by now but if you have any questions just stick them in the New Players section. Look forward to shooting you Cheers, Andy
  3. Hi guys, My membership auto-renewed through PayPal which is fine but the UKARA database still says it is expired, is it not updated when the membership is? Cheers, Andy
  4. Hi Tom, Welcome to the forums. Where to start? - Boom - Come down to a game some time and you'll find everyone is friendly :-) Locations and dates - Anything else you need to know, just ask. Cheers, Andy
  5. Hi Ian, Welcome back to the sport. I wrote a reply to this a few nights ago but my phone died and I was too annoyed to retype it . Matt has pretty much summed it all up there. Respawns generally aren't limited unless it's a "die and fall back" game so you're never out of the game for much longer than the bleedout time. Everything is explained before the game and any special rules that differ from normal gameplay are pointed out. Have fun! Andy
  6. Hi John, The mask does leave some room between the mesh and your face so I believe you be able to wear glasses underneath without issue. Consumables like bbs are usually sold on site and always worth having money for as you will use them all eventually. Andy
  7. Hi Ash, Welcome to the forums. Feel free to ask any questions. Andy
  8. Carl pretty much covered everything there. At the Hive you can wear what you want, it's not like you need overalls to protect your clothes there. I wear combat pants and a polishing, hurts like balls when I get shot in the forearms but it also gets really hot because it's so fast paces Andy
  9. Is it just my eyes or do you have some weird filter on that camera? It looks like the image is constantly wobbling side to side? Andy
  10. Hi Tim, Welcome to the sport! Any questions feel free to ask but also male use of the search function (top right). Have fun at the asylum Andy
  11. I see a Harrison apprentice in the making Andy
  12. No, gas is fine. Still subject to 350fps limit of course. Andy
  13. 3 Months late, I'd forgot about them! - Andy