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  1. Me - Walk On Dan Kelly - Walk On Paul Dowell - Walk On Cheers, Andy
  2. Hi Fili, Welcome to the sport and the forums! Anything you need to know should have already been asked by now but if you have any questions just stick them in the New Players section. Look forward to shooting you Cheers, Andy
  3. Hi guys, My membership auto-renewed through PayPal which is fine but the UKARA database still says it is expired, is it not updated when the membership is? Cheers, Andy
  4. Hi Tom, Welcome to the forums. Where to start? - Boom - Come down to a game some time and you'll find everyone is friendly :-) Locations and dates - Anything else you need to know, just ask. Cheers, Andy
  5. Hi Ian, Welcome back to the sport. I wrote a reply to this a few nights ago but my phone died and I was too annoyed to retype it . Matt has pretty much summed it all up there. Respawns generally aren't limited unless it's a "die and fall back" game so you're never out of the game for much longer than the bleedout time. Everything is explained before the game and any special rules that differ from normal gameplay are pointed out. Have fun! Andy
  6. Hi John, The mask does leave some room between the mesh and your face so I believe you be able to wear glasses underneath without issue. Consumables like bbs are usually sold on site and always worth having money for as you will use them all eventually. Andy
  7. Hi Ash, Welcome to the forums. Feel free to ask any questions. Andy
  8. Carl pretty much covered everything there. At the Hive you can wear what you want, it's not like you need overalls to protect your clothes there. I wear combat pants and a polishing, hurts like balls when I get shot in the forearms but it also gets really hot because it's so fast paces Andy
  9. Is it just my eyes or do you have some weird filter on that camera? It looks like the image is constantly wobbling side to side? Andy
  10. Hi Tim, Welcome to the sport! Any questions feel free to ask but also male use of the search function (top right). Have fun at the asylum Andy
  11. I see a Harrison apprentice in the making Andy
  12. No, gas is fine. Still subject to 350fps limit of course. Andy
  13. 3 Months late, I'd forgot about them! - Andy
  14. Yep sorry. Unless it specifies a different age on the Booking Thread. Note :Ages 13 and upwards (13 to 16 please ring for advice regarding parental consent and adult supervision.) Andy
  15. Any update Jamie? Andy
  16. Hi guys, Just thought i'd give my feedback on this. First time at the site and my first thoughts were "wow it's a bit small compared to what we're used to!" but this thought quickly flew out when we got into the second game and the whole site was in play. The amount of players on site was a good amount to allow multiple firefights to happen all across the site but no one to get bogged down in one area, the stairs helped a lot with this. Layout: Site is split up like a H (i'll try and do some visio layouts when I get a chance) with a set of stairs on each end so 4 sets of stairs in total. Ground to 5th Floor is the left hand side of the building and there is a set of stairs at opposite ends that go all the way to the top. The stairs near the safe zone are wider and have more gaps between the banisters and stairs, but allow multiple people up them at once. Stairs at the opposite end of the safe zone are tighter with less gaps between the banisters, so they're tighter to get up but possibly "safer". Now, I think the bridge across to the right hand side started on the 2nd floor and then there was a bridge on the 3rd and 4th floors too. The bridge on the 3rd and 4th had no actual end floors, but they did have a stairwell down to the 2nd, 1st and ground floor. I'll be honest, I never even made it to 1st or ground on that side throughout the entire day lol. There is then another set of stairs at the opposite end from the bridge on the right hand building so there were always multiple ways through to every floor which meant gameplay pretty much never held at 1 door, 1 stairway or 1 corner. I actually got surrendered or shot in the back a few times where Yellow Team wasn't allowed onto the right handside of the building but were allowed on the bridge which meant you could be shot on the stairs from the bridge, my own fault for not always being ready like a noob . Scenarios: I think the games worked really well, Red seemed to have it in the morning and then yellows pushed back in the afternoon, must have been a McDonalds energy boost! There was some confusion in I think the 4th game where Yellows had to move 2 cannisters, seperately, from the left hand side to the right hand side. Red's respawn was on ground floor but as I never seen a ground floor on the righthand side myself and a team mate were regening on the ground floor lefthand side which was fine but i'm sure it would have been easier to attack Yellows that were in the same building rather than having to work our way up the left hand building and then through to the right hand building . We also wondered where the rest of our team was lol. Players: I did see some issues of non hit taking but it didn't ruin my day so I wasn't too bothered about it and they're only ruining it for themselves. I think Jamie got on this anyway and had a few words. Some great grenade kills from people, seeing a hand just pop out in front of you and then drop an impact will always be funny lol. Some very good play too, some brilliant shots from ends of the rooms or people being sneaky around corners where people just forgot to check. Overall: I think the site plays really well, the types of games the Marshalls have come up with make use of the whole site and the close areas make it a quick action and a laugh to have people so close together. People have to be brave though and push on stairs and doors or it can stop the gameplay but I didn't see any of this during the day. Memory of the Day: Can't remember what floor it was on but I was on the bridge and was in a little kitchen but had ran out of ammo, yellow weren't too sure if I was there or not and one of them was walking up to it, i seen the end of his gun stick out so i just jumped out and grabbed his shoulder which suprised him a bit to say the least, absolutely hilarious! I'll upload some footage as soon as I get a chance but make sure to check out these pics and vids. Anthony Goldstraw - Anthony Goldstraw - Pics NewLight Photography - Pics Andy
  17. Hi Paul, I'd phone the Shop/Repair Centre - 0161 727 8863 Andy
  18. Yeah, you were knelt down in the next doorway weren't you? I was going to make a run and try and knife you but thought i'd just wait instead and hope for the best! You then killed me... lol Andy
  19. Scott Sturrock - Hire Package 2 - Spoke with Jamie and confirmed
  20. Welcome to the forums Sam! Make sure to check out the New Players & FAQs section as it contains a lot of the questions you're probably thinking about. First toy, equipment, etc. Search box is very useful too so make sure to get full use out of that. Anything you're not sure about feel free to ask in the revelant section. I've yet to mooch up to the Depot but it does look like a very good site so you're in for some good skirmishing Andy
  21. Hi guys, I had a fun day yesterday! Lots of killing, lots of being killed and injuries so a complete day for me and my guys!! I know these are long but i wish more people posted long stories from their day . Few key points for me and my guys from the day: 1st Game, Reds were attacking Embassay, teammate had been hit in the toilets near the rear left entrance, ran to him to medic him, tried to stop and just slipped legs in the air and landed flat on my arse and back. I'm pretty sure that combat vest saved my life lol. My arse is now extremely sore but it was still fun . Sadly i didn't have my camera turned on at this point so no footage of it. About 4 of us (3 of my team and an extra guy) entered the bottom left corner windows on D2. I was taken out with a shot to the finger by a yellow in the corridor near the entrance. American Dan was then taken out by another guy crossing the second door to the room. So we now had 2 guys left, Toiletsniffer's gun had stopped working so there was now just pretty much 1 guy left . He medic'd me but I stayed exactly where I was, right next to him in a little alcove next to the door. Same guy who shot me I think then shot him as he peaked out. I stayed hidden and quite, I then seen the barrel of a gun poking forward and then a couple on yellow team saying the room is clear. 1 walked in, shot him in the back and another walked in the other door and we took each other out. Always check your corners lol. Again attacking D2, can't remember which game, myself and 2 teammates entered the bottom left corner. American Dan secured the front left room, i took the rear left room, Toiletsniffer took the rear right room. We had yellows in the entrance which Dan was firing on down the corridor and I was shooting through the courtyard and they were thinking it was friendly fire. Toiletsniffer was laying down fire to the front right room which yellows had. I was on the corridor between Toiletsniffer and American Dan and when I went back in my rear left room there were 2 yellows stood at the doorway looking down to the front left corridor took one out and the other tried mediccing him at which point i had to shoot the dead guy again to hit the other guy, they both took it so good play from them. Then i popped through a window and shot another yellow as he was about to climb through the window. Went back towards American Dan's corridor which he was now out on because Yellow had thrown a grenade at the room but he was then killed moments later. I was now on the corridor but at the corner next to the door, taking fire from both my left and trying to keep yellow from coming up the corridor where they had just killed American Dan. Annoyingly he decided to stand dead next to the wall giving yellow a few extra inches to get out. I took out 1 but now only had 3 bullets in my pistol left and no mags left. My rifle was in the front left room where Dan was so I had to make a run for it. Went in to the first door but yellow had seen me so I slid on my knees trying to make it across the second door whilst shooting as you do, took 1 yellow out but got hit in the face and didn't slide far enough lol. And finally during the second to last game I think, where Reds had D3 and D4 and then fell back to D2 and D1. Myself and Toiletsniffer were in the entrance of D2, we knew we would die easily but we wanted people to be distracted from American Dan who was lay down in the bushes near D1 in ACU and wasn't seen at all!!! It was brilliant having people shot in the back and them going "where did that come from?!" lol. Eventually they did get him but I don't know if they could see him or were just shooting in the direction they knew he was in but it was absolutely brilliant seeing him come out of the bushes in ACU when people had been walking maybe 2 foot in front of him lol. Thanks to all who played and the Marshalls for a good day. The only issue I had was the random End-Ex that was called during the second part of the first game, silly yellows . I've got two cameras of footage to edit and upload but i'll get it done as soon as possible. Andy
  22. Next time i'll just put "IT WAS GOOD" . Andy
  23. Hi Harry, Welcome to the forums and the sport! Main things are have fun and don't be a dick . I've not hired a G36 in a long time but I believe they are G36Cs with 300rnd high cap magazines, having the second magazine will help a lot as you're pretty much guarenteed to get through that during 1 game. Anzio plays a single-shot indoors rule, no automatic fire which helps stops overkill at such close range. Same applies within 15foot of the building too but all of this is gone through during the safety briefing and rules. Grenades, best used to clear rooms and especially stairways! The stairways can be a bitch to clear without grenades, not impossible, just a challenge. Well done on reading up about UKARA, that's something I rarely see from a newbie You're entry guns will be the G&G Combat Machine range for M4s at least and most people say Cyma for the entry level AK Varients. I suggest going for 1 of these whilst you get into the sport, you don't want to be spending hundreds and then find after 10 games you don't want to play anymore. That said the high end RIFs are Tokyo Marui's Electric Blow Back range which are around £400 - £600 and then up to the Systema range starting at £900 or something? Andy