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  1. Just had a look on the councils website and it seems there was planning permission applied in 2014 - Declined and July 2017 - Awaiting Discussion.
  2. I was thinking the other day about a possibility of a new site for first and only. Camelot theme park!! It has been abandoned for years on years and I haven't heard of anyone doing anything with it or any planning permissions going ahead. Based in Chorley it is just off the Charnock Richard services on the M6 so is really easy to get too. I don't know how easy or how difficult it would be to make this a reality but it would be a pretty awesome site. I'm sure there is someone in the forum that could look into this. Hopefully people see where I am coming from on this one. thoughts?
  3. I need to find this out myself, I would imagine it would just be via phone call or facebook for this date until the website has been modified but who knows. Probably better giving them a call. If you find anything out , let me know
  4. Is there a form of notification or email that I will receive so I know I have the UKARA before I go to a store?
  5. Please please don't tell me that has been used for Porn sets LOL. Looks good! nice mix between CQB and open areas for longer engagement. Being from Wigan myself it would be nice to have somewhere closer to home and this close to home is even better. With CrossFire woods being shut now until 2018 the closest place I can go for weekend games (as i cant make it to weekday games) is Wrexham (60miles) I used to actually be a member of Ringside Gym before it shut down and I know that it would be perfect for airsoft maybe with a few more crates and obstacles. What time frame are we looking at for this to become a FAO Site ? Cheers Matt
  6. I will have met the requirements to send off for my UKARA on the 27th September and will be handing in my 3stamps to a member of staff on the day . How long would it take before I am Licenced and it is in the system. As I plan to go to patrol base on the 30th
  7. I was at Cross Fire woods last Saturday and I heard there was a site being opened in Wigan . Is this true ? Or does anyone have anymore info . Being from Wigan I hope this is true as there aren't many sites near by anymore (FullDay Events) with Crossfire woods closing next week for the winter .
  8. Just wondering how many people will be booking on the cross fire woods event in preston on the 2nd of November
  9. Going to my first ever game of airsoft at the bunker tomorrow . I will be renting equipment there. I have already purchased my own mask and eye protection . Is there anything else I should bring to my first time ? Matt