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  1. Sy81 got IF and RIF the wrong way round. IF is an Imitation Firearm, basically a brightly coloured or clear body. RIF is a Realistic Imitation Firearm. One that looks real enough to fool the average person into thinking it is not a toy. Otherwise though, the advise is sound. I'd not recommend any M14 for indoor play, even the shorter SOCOM type (I have a SOCOM and a full length, they are not good for close quarters) and a DMR won't be allowed for close quarters as you cannot use them indoors or at ranges of less than 60foot.
  2. ANZI Z87 is the rating you are looking for on American products. Ideally ANZI Z87+ which is a higher standard and what you generally get on products like Revision and ESS military spec goggles. The UK ratings are EN 166F (lowest) EN 166B (middle rated) EN 166A ( the best). Due to how they are tested though the frames are considered part of the testing so the lenses might in some shooting glasses be EN 166A rated, but the over all product will be rated as EN 166F (the lowest fail point). I don't believe any spectacle type product can be rated over EN 166F. My recommendation would be to go with military spec goggles and a lower mesh mask. I'd not recommend a paintball mask unless the grill at the front was tight enough hole wise to keep bbs out.
  3. Electric pistols are underpowered compared to gas. So a problem with them (as well as several other issues) is that in colder weather people just don't feel the hits from a 200 fps gun due to layers, they struggle to hear the hit also. Even short barrel gas pistols do 260fps plus in winter and it does make a surprising difference. Plus the trigger response on electric pistols is terrible. When you pull the trigger you almost wonder if anything is going to happen before it fires.
  4. The short version is no gun under any circumstances will be allowed at any of our sites if it is more powerful than the site rules permit.
  5. Yes it matters. Otherwise, there would be no such rule.
  6. As long as they are with any of the F&O sites it is all good.
  7. I'd never buy the VFC, they are terrible guns for the money internally. Look the part though, amazing wall hangers. The G&G is middle of the road looks wise but performs much better than the VFC. I would 100% go for the G&G if I was on a compromise budget. The TM with a motor upgrade and the Eagle 6 M100 spring set combined with running on deans connectors and ideally a mosfet is a legendary gun that would put most guns at twice the price to shame. Out of the box as is it puts the G&G and VFC to shame.
  8. Follow the link above for further information!
  9. From experience if you have an extended inner barrel running through the suppressor. There is a better than average chance the gun will fail the chrono test. Truthfully though that is what the chrono is there for. To make sure. If you get to a site or one of our retail locations. I'm sure someone could help.
  10. Best advice would be go down but NOT on a Friday (closed Sat) Not a Sunday (closed Monday) because the chrono's will be out at game events over the weekend. Best bet would be a Tue/Wed/Thur.
  11. In this instance the 4th and 18th of May as well as 1st June.
  12. The dates will follow every 2 weeks from the last one mate. So it is easy to work out when the dates will be in May.
  13. Just sayin!
  14. Lol, controlled fire like semi.
  15. As Matt said, we do not discriminate on race, creed or faith. If you had objectionable comments made towards you please point this out to the staff on hand and clearly identify the people involved. If it was more than a bit of banter we need to hear about it. People making serious remarks will be dealt with and if that means a ban from all our sites so be it. Glad you had a good day otherwise and I hope you come back in future.
  16. Was a very very hot day! Please share your thoughts and ideas here please. All comments welcome and appreciated.
  17. If you used 144a gas on the Ruger, it would not be over 350. It has the potential to be over site limits depending on ambient temps and gas used. It is the owners responsibility to understand this and make sure the gun is under site limits. Staff will be able to explain the ins and outs at the chrono. If there is doubt, there is no doubt.
  18. Our limit is 328 and we allow up to 350 as a variance. 350 is the hard deck, not a gnats fart over.
  19. UKARA is not mentioned as a specific defence actually, though it is accepted as such. Defences to an offence under section 36 of the 2006 Act or under paragraph 4 of Schedule 2 to that Act3.—(1) It shall be a defence in proceedings for an offence under section 36 of the 2006 Act or under paragraph 4 of Schedule 2 to that Act for the person charged with the offence to show that his conduct was for the purpose only of making the imitation firearm in question available for one or more of the purposes specified in paragraph (2). (2) Those purposes are— (a)the organisation and holding of permitted activities for which public liability insurance is held in relation to liabilities to third parties arising from or in connection with the organisation and holding of those activities; (b)the purposes of display at a permitted event. Long version short. If you have a defence from prosecution as laid out above, you can spray your own Imitation Firearms and make them Realistic Imitation Firearms with no realistic problems. I'm not a lawyer though. Take this as my interpretation of what is basically terrible legislation.
  20. Yes you can still train with it. Just notch this down as a lesson learnt mate. Cheap airsoft guns are generally not very good. If you have any questions about future gifts from your parents, feel free to ask. At least then you can steer them towards the right gift for you rather than something like this.
  21. Whambulance boys and girls, whambulance!
  22. Lost, 2 red Tokyo Marui shotgun shells by the Magazine. Not a high value loss but if someone found them would appreciate them back.
  23. I had a good day (got a bit of sunburn lol) I was using a DMR for the morning and got loads of long range kills with that. Did not see any non hit taking from that session. In the afternoon running a pistol and a shotgun right at the last game I saw one guy do POSSIBLY a bit of dubious non hit taking but with the angle of the sun and me being unsure of the actual capabilities of my shotgun (first time out with TM Spas 12) I reigned in the "he's not taking his HITS!" immediate thought and was taken out moments later. I was not sure enough about this to really justify putting my vest on and having a walk over to check. Game ended moments later anyway. Much respect to the chap that snuck up on me and delivered my first knife death on me (I was in the Embassy overlooking the pub)! Serves me right for getting vastly over confident with my DMR and ignoring my six. Shame I did not realise what was happening, I had my shotgun and pistol ready for close contacts (using a DMR obviously not going to use that at close range!) I had an over all good day though the loss of a shell from my shotgun was a bit annoying and the Ka San game got a bit frustrating for me as I left the DMR back at the safe zone and the shotgun and pistol did not have the range to allow me to reach out and get any hits on the defenders in D3 and D4. I just got mullered and that game faltered. It did get quite warm though and people were tired and kranky! Me being one! I did try a few small charges but being a fat guy I got shot to bits lol! I do think the unexpected warmth and people being tired contributed a lot to people getting a bit wound up.
  24. There we have it chaps. The assumption is that a game day is a full day. It's not school, sneaking off early to have a smoke behind the bike sheds is not cool. Speak to your site manager in person regarding this issue as there may be ways to come to a reasonable compromise. Such as 6 half days as an example. As long as the spirit of the legislation is met (and the law obviously) and everyone is happy. Everyone is happy. Now lets all relax and move forward please.