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  1. FAO 02845 Gold Joshua Evans FAO 02646 Gold Keith Evans Both be there 5th & 6th
  2. Can these be used on site, I was thinking for Josh seen as he is under 18 and these are Air filled impact grenades https://www.airsoft-innovations.com/products/xl-burst-impact-banger-grenade Cheers
  3. You could always rent for the first 3 games before you dive in and buy one if you don`t want to Two Tone it. Then when you have completed the 3 games over 56 Days with the last not being before the 56th you are eligible for your UKARA to get your RIF, least you will also find out if you really enjoy getting shot
  4. Cheers
  5. Could try this one area is big enough. Count total players Starts with 2 Players given one Red Band and one Yellow Armband, they are the zombies, each time they hit another player that player then becomes a zombie and moves to a set location to be given a red armband when it reaches half players then move to yellow armbands saves re-taping later for other games now split 50/50 by the end. In best case by the end you could have 99 players searching for the last man(a count has to be kept of players). if a zombie dies he has to go to a different re spawn location not the area for new zombies, this could stop camping zombie starts.
  6. I have a large number of Chipboard panels if you want them about just around 4 ton 60 pannels ish give or take panels different thicknesses, poss need a large 7.5 ton lorry to take them make great walls for rooms good condition from shelving Think they are about 2000h x 900d mm ish They just fit the back of a tranny van you could prob fit 10 before over weight they are thick but would need to take them all