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  1. Was an epic day as usual Fedaykin the play for both human and zombie players was fair and just was an overall great day loved the makeup of all the zombies aswell
  2. Hey one zombie here for sign up cant wait
  3. Hey bibs signing one up here Chris Machin gonna send you the deposit now
  4. Have to say was hell of a fun day costumes vs airsofters loved the story provided by rick to give all the airsofter team abit of understanding to why tv characters with guns were infront of them well done rick The overall gameplay from both teams was fierce and fair i never onced heard anyone being accused of cheating so was a generally great atmosphere. On another note was alot of fun shield bashing players and hearing them all shout in panic when i charged in a building with just my shield made it a whole lot funnier great day enjoyed the entire weekend
  5. Adding onto tumblers idea of if you are caught in a fire arms related incident and have your permit taken from you then there should be a price to claim it back the ammount should vary depending on how bad the incident was
  6. Was truly an awesome weekend as usual fedaykin thanks alot lookin forward to the next installment of firefly Shame not eveyone turned up but we still made a hell of a weekend with the people that did show. Enjoyed the various twists and turns that the weekend brought and got a chance to develope my own little character (wanderer) which was highly entertaining. Big thumbs up on the vault idea, robberies, the dynamite idea and how each player could create their own character in the world and it blended well even with the confusion of missing gold a few times and u quickly corrected that issue so again a brilliant weekend again fedaykin will put another post upat some point with some ideas for the next few at a later date Thanks.
  7. just wondering what are the sleeping arrangements going to be for the weekend r we gonna need tents or are we sleeping in buildings?
  8. 2 here for sat and sun no hire k.thomson g.thomson
  9. have to admit the rain was hard to play in and being cold kind of drains alot of spirit out of you and it was abit diffusing when a pyro goes out cause of puddles but none the less was an epic weekend certainly on the sunday game was a hell of alot more firefighting and more team work did think the uk survivors on the americans were really hard to distinguish when some were covering there bands but i just developed the shoot first then apologise if it was a team mate lol but epic none the less this was my 2nd corp wars and cant wait for the next in warmer weather thanks alot FAO
  10. hey im k thomson booked in on the omni corps and wish to be swapped over to the fbi and hired guns plus want to book 2 others with me they are R thomson C thomson
  11. Hey all im hitachi nice to meet you all Im from Liverpool Merseyside and will be a regular at FAO events Im Part of a Squad known as SWAG (Scousers With A Gun) lol even though we dont have a scouse accent look forward to Playing more events and meeting many people .Hitachi.