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    seem as tougth this is an airsoft site that would mean my intrests are........ wait for it..........u guessed it.......kniting

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  1. anoyed i couldn't make it now, would have been nice to know that i'm not the only one who falls down as my sig says
  2. haha chandler i actually lol'd
  3. really sorry guys, the boss called me up this morning and asked me to work today for double my normal rates so i had to take it sorry guys
  4. great day for me, i think that saying we were cheating like hell was unfair as quite afew times i was unsure if i had been hit and took it and was commended by a few marshalls near by at the varying times it happend, some big thanks to: big kev for letting my use his masada because my mags wern't feeding -.- but thanks kev, and for all the marshalls who even though it was hot as **** kept there heads cool and and didn't rape anyone, also to the guys who chilled in the village while we "defended the objectives", also the bloke that got the awsome shot on me had to be mentioned, also sorry to those kids that either didn't see us or assumed we were dead then they got closer to us and i lit them up and then the other guys near me did, it was just a genrally awsome day thanks guys.
  5. hopefully me this time as i booked into last one but work called me at the last minute sorry guys. cya then
  6. i carn't this morning anway but i might come down later to as first commie about the FAL anti reversal latch
  7. i'll be down, own kit if there is anychance first commie can fix my anti reversal latch on site would apreciate it, woud have pmed him but my pm's dont seem to be working a i have tred to send a few which havent got through to various people
  8. sorry guys wont make it as its my cousins 18th
  9. hey i'm sam i'm a regular you should book urself into asylum this weekend link: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5241
  10. wont make it, i have a exam on te monday after this
  11. yer i'll be coming so long as the family dont spring sumithing on me like today again!!
  12. hey guys, really sorry a faily thing has come up and wont be able to make it