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  1. Hey

    Hey Pal Don't worry at all, plenty of us turn up alone and easily make new friends
  2. Hey Brian, I know this is a late reply after your gaming weekend, but hope it helps anyway.... "is it possible to rent guns on the day?" - Depending on how many hires book for your day will depend on how many spare hire guns the site has. If they have enough left over they MAY be able to let you hire on the day but if they don't have enough then your left without a gun. My advice on this one would be to use your own guns (Assuming your Scar fails the Chrono, you will have your HK417 to fall back onto) and have your friends book a hire so no one if without a gun then "would they be able to get their £15 refunded on the day?" - Probably not, when you book a hire you are basically taking up a "space" so if you then want a refund the site can't rent that "space" out to someone else as it's too late and thus makes a loss on that "space" (Hope that makes sense) "are there any BB weights that aren't tolerated?" - There are no limitations to what you use, as long as you Chrono on 0.2s "I intend to use 0.36g BB's in my pistols, is that alright?" - Yes, this is absolutely fine and not against any rules........but......(and this is a personal opinion)...........you may want to stick with 0.2s or even 0.25s in your pistol. Imagine your face on the receiving end of a 0.36 BB at a CQB range...it's going to hurt! So yeah...not breaking any rules, but maybe not the nicest thing to do Hope this helps Harrison
  3. Hey Pal Anzio is one of the best sites I know Best tips would be wear good strong boots, bring water and change of clothes. And have fun I will be there on Saturday too so make yourself known
  4. See here http://forum.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/index.php?/topic/23078-hello/page__p__157051#entry157051
  5. Hey Animegodichigo, Bolt Action Snipers are allowed up to 500fps using a 0.2g BB. You also have a 60ft M.E.D. when using one so a sidearm is always useful. Hope this helps.
  6. http://www.firstandonlyretail.co.uk/vapex-8-4v-1600mah-battery.html This should fit, but if you csll the FAO Shop they will confirm
  7. It's not. For the last 5+ years, there is always a yearly rumour that Anzio will be closing soon. In short....until the land owners find a buyer who has enough money to level all the buildings and make use of the planning permission...we're good. The Drug Wars Weekender in March is 110% happening so no fear of it suddenly closing next week Enjoy it as much as you can, as we never know
  8. Hey They normally take a portable shop to Bolton so will have plenty BBs for purchase
  9. Hey Yeah this would be fine When you arrive, make one of the Marshalls aware and always carry you medication on you. It also helps if you bring a friend who knows you and your condition well to help just in case Hope this helps!
  10. This sounds good The social side of this will be good too
  11. Please provide the below information to help possible drivers: Date of travel: Date of Departure: (if it is a double anzio etc) Location: Postcode: Number of passengers: Extra information: ie. if you have gun bags or not, you have a lot of gear to take etc.
  12. Hey Gav When it comes to Airsoft, being 39 you're certainly not an "Older Player" We have players of all ages, all friendly so welcome into the sport
  13. Hi Ryan, Welcome to the sport. Turning up on your own is no problem at all you will find that airsoft is very "noob friendly" so to speak Just turn up, have a look around, chat with the Marshalls and other players and soon youll make some new friends. Hope this helps
  14. Enjoy: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/8wcE6z4H2Q8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. In that case, ring Jamie and explain the situation and I'm sure he will help to resolve the issue. Jamie on 07786075129 9am-5pm or email [email protected]
  17. They will do you just fine Long thick socks work well and gloves is always a must for any Woodland site as you spend more time with your hands on the floor etc then stood up to get sneeky
  18. Hey Don' worry, you will receive one soon but it does take some time to get you all set up on the system. As for your UKARA, this will also take some time. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact "Vintorez" at [email protected] Thanks H
  19. Hey Dayle, Hope the below helps: - I've purchased the Bronze Membership from FAO, so as soon as I play my first game, it counts towards my UKARA license? - If you are 18yrs or above, I believe it does but check to be sure: http://forum.firstan...a-what-do-i-do/ - Hire Wise, how are the hire weaponry at the Kidderminster sites - Good, most hire guns work great with good range, accuracy and are reliable for a hire gun. - Can you purchase like Camo bags to dump things in and carry around during games? I've got Camo and face protection, but i'm not going to buy a Rig until I have my First AEG. Also, can spare mags / BB's be purchased there so I don't have to rely on just using the one hire mag? Hense the bag. - If the site is selling gear/kit etc then ask them for a "Dump Pouch", it looks like this: http://az321826.vo.m...x683-119028.jpg and requires a belt to attached to, works well for carrying stuff in and is designed to "Dump" you empty mags in when you need to reload under fire. - How many people normally attend the kidderminster sites? I plan on trying all of them but i'm just wondering how popular they are. I do plan on venturing on to some of the northern sites like Anzio as I keep seeing it on YouTube and it looks damn awesome. - I dont know the exact numbers for the Kidderminster Sites but dont worry they always have enough players to fill the day. As for the Anzio site, the average turn our for this site varies from 80-120 ppl, but the site can take more and even at 100+ people it's always great fun as there is plenty room for it. Hope this helps. Harrison Out!
  20. Hey MRC, Hope the below helps: 1) is it worth the start up costs (both weapons and green fees) – Yes, the extra money upfront for hires and green fees is well worth it until you get your UKARA and are 18yrs J 2) im asking this as different parts of the site say different things, we are all 17 will we need an adult there (I know we need full face masks){also do the parents only need to sign the waiver) – No, you would only need an adult on site if any of you are 16yrs or under, but you will all need to print, sign and bring this waiver with you – http://s965.photobuc...218e8a.jpg.html 3) will a Double eagle m83 and a k-warrior k010 be ok for starting off – to be blunt….no lol if you’re looking for a decent M4 + 1911 combo I would advise a G&G M4 (Around the £200ish mark) and as for a 1911, I would wait until you have your UKARA and your 18 so that you can get a much more reliable and decent pistol to save yourself money and disappointment. 4)is it possible for us on the first time be on the same team – yes, stay together during the team briefing and you can all be on the same team J 5)is there a magazine limit / are we allowed to carry extra bbs(read somewhere that can be limited on some games) – if you can carry it, go for it J the games you see that limit your mags/ammo tend to be more milsim games aimed at regular players so look at them when you’ve got more into the sport J 6)what brand g36 do the hire packages contain – I believe they are “JG” but I could be wrong, either way they are very reliable, accurate, good range and great to shoot. You won’t be disappointed. 7)can someone show us the ropes without treating us like idiots – Absolutely, you will find that you won’t be the only new guys on site. All the marshals will be more than happy to help and make you feel welcome. The general airsoft community is very friendly and you’ll almost always want to come back and meet new friends. 8)what kind of games happen on open days – so many varieties its unbelievable J each day is different and each site has different types of games depending on the layout of the site. So come games in woodlands are better them playing them in a CQB site. An example of games would be things like: Attack and Defend, Clear out certain areas of all enemies. Capture a certain person or objective and bring it back to base. Or it could be a nice walm-up game of good ol’ team deathmatch to get you going J 9)how long does each game last – This also varies from game to game and site to site. One day you could be running loads of mini games from 20-45 mins per game, other days you could play two games that last all morning then all afternoon which has a rolling scenario to keep it interesting. 10)what do you do after calling hit (asking because research and youtube have different places with different rules) – this will ALL be explained to you on site by the main marshal. Its very simple, but I will let you find out when you arrive on site as each game is different. Sometimes you can go back to base and be straight back in again, other times you may need to “fall back” to a second base and wait for the next wave of enemies, but don’t worry, your never out of the game for long periods of time so you’ll certainly get your monies worth J 11)recommended bb brand, iv herd bulldogs are good (also yay or nay on biodegradable) – firstly…NEY on the biodegradable BBs (unless the sites says you MUST use them). As for a good brand, First & Only have been selling “Blaster” for years and they have never done be wrong J 12)any weird less known rules – Not really, but all rules will be explained on the day, and it is ALWAYS welcome to ask any marshal to explain any rules again if you are unsure, asking questions makes for a good player in the end. 13)out of interest are things like motors and claymores aloud – These are site dependant, but you may find that these types of things are played in certain games by the staff to add cool affects to the game. If you ever play at Bolton Woodlands, they use mortars in games to add more realism and fun to the game being played. 14)any kit I should get (excluding gun, bbs, holster, mask) – Good high boots, gloves (not wool) to stop you hurting your hands, and bring plenty of water to keep you going. 15)can anyone point me to a cheap rail mount torch – Ring this number 0161 727 8863 and ask for one J FAO Shop 16)would it be ok having an Aeg,gbb pistol and a springer pistol on the field at the same time – Yes, but honestly, you will struggle to move around. HUGE TIP – Don’t go buying a sniper yet, they are not what you think and they don’t shoot how you think….unless you sink some serious cash into it….trust me….me and my £500 sniper know 17)best thing for valuables – DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT IN GAME, YOU WILL LOSE THEM! Lock them in your car or see if any of the Marhals will look after them for you J 18)urkara do my games now count towards the urkara when I'm 18 – Good question, but sadly I don’t know this one, check here maybe? - http://forum.firstan...a-what-do-i-do/ 19)best style trousers will combats be ok – Yeah combat pants are fine, anything that wont rip and you don’t mind getting dirty J Oh and take a change of clothes incase you get really muddy or wet. 20)any tips for the asylum – Have Fun! You will anyway, but turn up early so you have time to get settled, ask questions and look around. And as always, the more you ask, the more you know, the better player you will be J Harrison Out!
  21. Good strong boots and a change of clothes
  22. Hey Matt, Welcome to the sport, glad to have you. The Hive is a lovely site, I've not been in a while but I've played it a lot. If you get the opportunity then get yourself down to Bolton Woodlands site and if you can also get to the Anzio site. Both of these sites offer a totally different gaming experience than The Hive but are both great fun. Bolton Woodlands - this site is an open game area in a forrest filled with millions of trees, bushes, bunkers, walls, hills, rivers bogs etc. Anzio - This is a very CQB site based on an old disused Army Barracks that offers plenty of CQB fun in and around roughly 20 or so buildings surrounded by pathways, trees, bushes, hills etc If you need information on anything, have a good read around the forums and read the below sections for details on UKARA etc: http://forum.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/index.php?/forum/104-membership-and-ukara/ http://forum.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/index.php?/topic/13031-membership-what-its-about/ http://forum.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/index.php?/topic/19606-i-am-eligible-for-ukara-what-do-i-do/ http://forum.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/index.php?/topic/14675-vcra-ukara-faq/ Thanks, ask us anything here too and any players will be happy to help. Welcome again and Enjoy! Harrison OUT!
  23. As Andy said, gas is fine You will notice 90%+ of pistols will be gas, with the rest being CO2 and maybe the odd electric one. Gas pistols are great fun, just remember to keep them clean, well lubed and always keep some gas in them to look after the seals etc