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  1. If you lost something and you believe you lost it in Anzio please write in this post with the following format. Date and type of the event: (i.E) Saturday 16th of March 2012 open day Brief description. (I.E.) G&G UMP hi cap black More detailed Description: (i.E.) the mag has a V shaped dint on the left side and has red tape on the bottom. Last Seen: (i.E) around the far wall of the Embassy on the outside wall around lunch time. (if you have photos of the item it is a bonus) If someone but the poster has found the item, please send a private message to the poster instead of posting here. If the poster has found the item please edit and strike the message like so: Date and type of the event: (i.E) Saturday 16th of March 2012 open day Brief description. (I.E.) G&G UMP hi cap black More detailed Description: (i.E.) the mag has a V shaped dint on the left side and has red tape on the bottom. Last Seen: (i.E) around the far wall of the Embassy on the outside wall around lunch time. Post over 12months will remove to keep this post clean and tidy. (FYI- found items in First and only will not be advertised to protect the property of the orignal owner. if you have lost something on the day, speak to a marshal and check at the shop on the day. ) The lost property does not follow the sites as there is soo much of it, they will be stored at the FAO HQ until claimed and pickup arranged. NOTE: If an item is found by FAO ltd *Found property will only remain in our lost property box with a 6month expiry date. *If not claimed after 6months the property becomes property of FAO ltd and will auctioned off or used as spare parts. *If a item is claimed, they need to organise the method of pickup, ( this can be done either arranging the date to pickup on a skrimish site which we both agree on or paying a postage to get it sent out to you.) *if a Item is matched to a post some one has made then the I will PM you, I will await then for you to arrange the above, if the item is not claim on the date or method agreed then the timer for the item will be resetted witha fresh 6month expiry date to give time for the owner to rearrange pickup.
  2. Afternoon all, So after playing COD etc for years and more recently PUBG, a few of us thought 'why not try airsoft and have a bash.' Little did we know that one of the UK's best regarded sites was 2mins from where we live! Always known of the base there but didn't know we could kit-up and run around it like Jason Bourne, (or more like Private Pyle, to be fair). Anyway, I'm first to book and jump in - heading up this Sat 10th March on-me-tod, as it's still bit too chilly for me mates, p*****s. Renting gear, but fully researched on airsoft goings-about, and especially etiquette - so really looking forward to it. Hoping to meet lots of nice folk ... who I can then chase and pretend to kill! Pretend - honestly! All in good fun. Any other Leek folk on here? Cheers KF
  3. Hi guys, I had a fun day yesterday! Lots of killing, lots of being killed and injuries so a complete day for me and my guys!! I know these are long but i wish more people posted long stories from their day . Few key points for me and my guys from the day: 1st Game, Reds were attacking Embassay, teammate had been hit in the toilets near the rear left entrance, ran to him to medic him, tried to stop and just slipped legs in the air and landed flat on my arse and back. I'm pretty sure that combat vest saved my life lol. My arse is now extremely sore but it was still fun . Sadly i didn't have my camera turned on at this point so no footage of it. About 4 of us (3 of my team and an extra guy) entered the bottom left corner windows on D2. I was taken out with a shot to the finger by a yellow in the corridor near the entrance. American Dan was then taken out by another guy crossing the second door to the room. So we now had 2 guys left, Toiletsniffer's gun had stopped working so there was now just pretty much 1 guy left . He medic'd me but I stayed exactly where I was, right next to him in a little alcove next to the door. Same guy who shot me I think then shot him as he peaked out. I stayed hidden and quite, I then seen the barrel of a gun poking forward and then a couple on yellow team saying the room is clear. 1 walked in, shot him in the back and another walked in the other door and we took each other out. Always check your corners lol. Again attacking D2, can't remember which game, myself and 2 teammates entered the bottom left corner. American Dan secured the front left room, i took the rear left room, Toiletsniffer took the rear right room. We had yellows in the entrance which Dan was firing on down the corridor and I was shooting through the courtyard and they were thinking it was friendly fire. Toiletsniffer was laying down fire to the front right room which yellows had. I was on the corridor between Toiletsniffer and American Dan and when I went back in my rear left room there were 2 yellows stood at the doorway looking down to the front left corridor took one out and the other tried mediccing him at which point i had to shoot the dead guy again to hit the other guy, they both took it so good play from them. Then i popped through a window and shot another yellow as he was about to climb through the window. Went back towards American Dan's corridor which he was now out on because Yellow had thrown a grenade at the room but he was then killed moments later. I was now on the corridor but at the corner next to the door, taking fire from both my left and trying to keep yellow from coming up the corridor where they had just killed American Dan. Annoyingly he decided to stand dead next to the wall giving yellow a few extra inches to get out. I took out 1 but now only had 3 bullets in my pistol left and no mags left. My rifle was in the front left room where Dan was so I had to make a run for it. Went in to the first door but yellow had seen me so I slid on my knees trying to make it across the second door whilst shooting as you do, took 1 yellow out but got hit in the face and didn't slide far enough lol. And finally during the second to last game I think, where Reds had D3 and D4 and then fell back to D2 and D1. Myself and Toiletsniffer were in the entrance of D2, we knew we would die easily but we wanted people to be distracted from American Dan who was lay down in the bushes near D1 in ACU and wasn't seen at all!!! It was brilliant having people shot in the back and them going "where did that come from?!" lol. Eventually they did get him but I don't know if they could see him or were just shooting in the direction they knew he was in but it was absolutely brilliant seeing him come out of the bushes in ACU when people had been walking maybe 2 foot in front of him lol. Thanks to all who played and the Marshalls for a good day. The only issue I had was the random End-Ex that was called during the second part of the first game, silly yellows . I've got two cameras of footage to edit and upload but i'll get it done as soon as possible. Andy
  4. Hires aren't always nervous liabilities. FACT. Marshals don't take no shit from no man. FACT. Snow improves everything. FACT. Also: "..." O.o "..." o.O "Well... This is awkward..."
  5. So what did people think of the day's gaming? I had a brilliant day, no major issues other than not knowing where or what the objective was for either game (even after listening to the briefing ). Didn't really impact play as we just got on with what we thought would help the team instead. Only other issue was friendly fire, on at least 1 occasion we got hosed because some players decided to shoot first identify later even with us shouting yellow team at them . Other than that I seem some really good gameplay from both teams, working together and no issues with hit taking. At one point we got pinned on the stairs of one of the D blocks with red team coming down from above and another squad covering us on the stairs. Suffice to say a grenade killed all if us but it was funny to see when they both met each other on the stairs and startled each other nearly firing lol. Think I would have preferred 4 games rather than 2 to better construct the day but as I say I still had a brilliant time. Andy
  6. Just wanted to say a quick hello to the AirSoft community and a huge thanks to all the guys and gals for making my first AirSoft skirmish (Saturday 15th September - Anzio Camp, Leek, Staffordshire) a fantastic experience! I attended with my brother in law and nephew who had been before, so I had a little insider knowledge of what to expect. Having said that, the marshalls did a great job of fully explaining everything. The safety briefing included a few hilarious moments which helped relieve any nerves I may have had :-) Being a complete newbie, I was keen to speak to some of the other skirmishers, all of whom were eager to pass on helpful tips on weaponry, gear and tactics... big shot out to Tim and his son from Trentham and the 3 guys (with the pistols) from Derby! The scenarios we played during the games encouraged team work, and the final game (Pistols v. AEGs) lead to a brilliant close quarters all out shoot out! I've definitely got the bug and will certainly be locked and loaded for the Anzio event on Sept 29th!
  7. Hello all Some of you may remember me from the members day at Anzio two weeks ago, I was there with a fellow photographer taking pictures. Well I have been over my images and sorted them all out and last night I uploaded them to my Flickr page since my actual website is still in construction. Head over and take a look! Use them as you like for personal use but please leave my watermark in the corner of the image if you do, a credit and / or link to the source is appreciated but I understand if you don't do so on Facebook or the like. Hope you enjoy them and maybe I'll be back!
  8. The Corp Wars “ The Final Chapter “ The Corp Wars scenario has been played across the country at many sites from nuclear bunkers to shopping centres and not only at F&O sites but many more . But after four years of battles were bringing the scenario to an end . The final battle will take place at the Anzio site on the ------- . The story started fifteen years in the future when the fuel runs out and governments have been replaced by large corporations . The main ones involved were - Capital Americas One of the most power-full corporations. Their holdings included all of the Americas north and south Greenland and even further . Pan Euro corporation There holdings include all of current Europe and Russia and out into the middle east . They have developed a very militarised based society . Imperials Having survived the devastation of a virus that swept across the UK . The new imperium has emerged led by the ruthless king Bongo with his goal of reunification and resurection of the empire of the 1800s. UK/Imperial survivors A rag tag bunch of gangs /tribes . These are the survivors of the UK's virus out break . They are a hardy bunch and just want to live a peaceful life warm and with food . They have now thrown there lot in with King bongo and are called Imperial survivors . African Mercs Will do anything for cash, ruthless, merciless and untrustworthy . -------------------------------------------- Through out the main goal of all the sides was to gain control of the UK and grab anything useful that was left behind in the wake of the virus . This the final battle, it is the fight for survival for the Imperials who have just consolidated influence on the UK survivors and the PEC Corporation who are currently in control of the UK . This final deciding battle is a weekend event starting on the Saturday at 12 o'clock and fighting till 10 pm then following on the next day (Sunday ) from 10am till 4 pm . You can join in for one day or both . There's always a nice social overnight . Price for the event is £70 for the full weekend (pre booked on line or £75 on the day ). Or £40 for the sat and £35 for the Sunday . Hires are £15 per day . This does not inc food but catering will be available in the safe zone burgers ext .. The shop will be on site selling lots of lovely kit – BBS, pyro, rifs, etc . The bookings will be posted shortly , and will be on the main site booking system . Sides - Pec – Green and tan kit (they have pulled their eastern forces in for this battle ) Imperial & uk survivors – black (the main Imperial forces were only black / survivors wear civilian clothing and bits of black as they try to emulate the new masters . Please make sure your kit follows the above rules and if your changing kit that it also follows these rules:- there will be a shoot if unsure policy on this game, so if your team mates are unsure there going to shoot you a lot . Camping on the sat is all good, bring your own kit . Food will be provided at 5-6pm on sat and 12-1pm on sun, the rest is up to you . That said we will organise a mega pizza /kebab order on the sat night after the game . There is going to be some mega loud bangs going on, so ear buds might be an idea . Booking: PEC - Imperials - cheers Jamie
  9. Good day today and weather held off for us Any feedback welcome