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  1. Story brief for each team, uniform rules for each team and game rules are all listed below. If you have any questions, please post in this thread and wait for a response from myself. Your Team Leaders will have mission details on the day for you. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - The odds are you will find yourself in a situation where you are turned into a zombie. GATES OPEN AT 11:00am Game Times are approximate: 1:00pm – 3:00pm – Game 1 3:00pm – 4:00pm – Food and Drink in safe zone 4:00pm – 5:45pm – Game 2 6:00pm – 7:00pm – Game 3 Survivors: You were a civilian worker on a Globex owned and run island. All was well with life until one day, violence and death swept across the whole island. Zombies devoured everything in their path, leaving only you brave few left. You survived by being on the run and evading the undead hoard. Now, starving and with no weapons you must venture out for supplies, weapons and ammo to make an attempt to escape this island of the dead, while all the time watching your back from the ever present threat of the zombie ranks urging you to join them… DRESS CODE: ALL CIVILIAN CLOTHING ONLY PLEASE. NO DPM, NO DESERT OR ANY OTHER CAMO. ANY COLOUR OF CLOTHING IS FINE. Globex Disaster Management and Security Service Team: The Globex plant on this island specialised in working with highly experimental and dangerous Bio Weapons. While researching a formula to make Super Soldiers, a virus to regenerate dead tissue was created. The results were an astounding success, creating a host of creatures that could never be killed, only slowed down until they regenerated enough to get up and fight again. However there were drawbacks. The virus turned people into mindless flesh hungry zombies, constantly looking for fresh meat to feed their ever hungry bodies. They escaped from the containment of the lab and the outbreak went rampant from there, with people being infected and turning to join the ever growing mass of zombies. Being loyal employees of Globex, you stand your ground and wait for the team from HQ to arrive and issue new orders. DRESS CODE: DPM’S AND DESERT CAMO ACCEPTABLE. SUITS TOO. LAB COATS AS WELL. Special Reconnaissance & Rescue Squad of the Chemical, Radiological, Biological & Nuclear Defence Department: As part of the duty of maintaining the safety of mainland Britain, the CRBN monitors all radio communications that come into the mainland from the off shore research and development plants that many private companies have on the islands off the coast of Britain. The Globex Chemical Research Plant has been brought to our attention by one of our radio operators after a distress call was logged then radio silence followed for the next week. A helicopter has been dispatched from Globex HQ with some of their best men on board to the island. When we questioned Globex, we were told it was a downed communication mast that was causing the problems. We investigated using satellite imagery and found sufficient cause for concern, images of civil unrest and mass, violent rioting. When we went to the government with our findings we were given permission to quarantine the island, with no one going in or out until we are satisfied that no threat is posed to the safety of the country. Our objective is to establish a base camp and secure the helicopter port to ensure no one leaves the island. DRESS CODE: ALL BLACK. NO MIXING OF CAMO AND BLACK. ALL RIGS AND CLOTHES, BLACK. IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY BLACK RIGGING, DONT WORRY, YOU WILL NOT HAVE MUCH TO CARRY ANYWAY. RULES: WEAPONS ALLOWED: Spring and gas shotguns, spring and gas pistols, spring and gas rifles. NO ASSAULT WEAPONS, NO AEG'S. Usual FPS limits apply. Anyone with a high power rifle will have to observe the minimum safe distance. AMMO: ​Will be severely limited and checked by team leaders at the start of each game. Please remember this isn't meant to be a blast-o-rama, it's something different for all of us from the usual games of airsoft. Food Rations: These will be simple envelopes with ‘FOOD’ written on them and must be in each player’s possession at the end of a game. Anyone that does NOT have a food ration pack on their person will start the next game as a zombie, having starved to death and come back as a zombie. They will spend that whole game as a zombie, and will immediately come back into the next game as a living player. THE EMPHASIS IS WITH EACH TEAM LEADER AND INDIVIDUAL PLAYER TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED TO SURVIVE. FOOD RATIONS WILL BE CHECKED AT THE END OF GAMES BY TEAM LEADERS AND COLLECTED IN. FOOD WILL ONLY LAST YOU FOR ONE GAME. Taking down a Zombie: Any hit on a zombie will result in zombies going down, the number of hits needed to take down a zombie will increase as the day goes on, much like last time. NO MELEE COMBAT ALLOWED!!! Zombies cannot be killed by Melee combat. Turning Zombie: The usual rules apply here, any zombie that gets two hands on a player will kill that player. If two zombies get one hand each on a player, they will kill that player. The player will then become a member of the zombie team and will attack living players on sight. Zombies cannot be killed, only put down; they will then get up and continue to walk around looking for prey. Player vs player: If players choose to shoot at each other, the usual rules apply and melee / knife kills are allowed in Player vs Player. NO ZOMBIE CAN BE KILLED WITH MELEE COMBAT. One hit and you are wounded. When wounded you must call for a medic. If a zombie gets you while you are waiting for a medic, you will become a zombie. There is no respawn, players will constantly be healed and brought back into the game, unless a zombie gets them. BLEED OUT TIME WILL BE 5 MINS. AFTER BLEEDING OUT, YOU MUST TURN ZOMBIE FOR THE DURATION OF THAT GAME. If you hit a player, you can take any FOOD RATIONS they may be carrying but NEVER AMMO. The hit player will then call for a medic until either healed, or they bleed out, or get eaten by zombies.