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Found 4 results

  1. The action pretty much stopped at lunchtime this time round anyway, but opinions needed. Some teams seemed to like keeping going whereas some teams pretty much disappeared. Result was some teams came back from lunch to find themselves royally turned over, or Feds waiting in their base for them. Of course some players liked being able to get the jump on people when they had their backs turned. Bear in mind that the saloon/eating place will not be in play in the same way it was last time, but more the split Casino/Saloon idea that has come out of previous games. The eating area of the saloon would be a safezone as far as practical.
  2. For clarification: An Assault Weapon is an automatic SMG, Rifle or Machine Gun. The rules on these need defining and I want players opinions before deciding. In addition to the weapons rules, retricted ammo and in game purchase will be brought in. i.e. we will supply the ammo ourselves and it will be bought in game from the 'Sutlers' (or maybe Saloon). Any AEGS will be mid-cap restricted regardless. Please be open and frank - we need to make these games play as you the paying player want them to play.
  3. Awesome weekend guys will post an in depth feedback soon. Anyone wants to comment, feedback or critique please do so