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  1. The Corp Wars “ The Final Chapter “ The Corp Wars scenario has been played across the country at many sites from nuclear bunkers to shopping centres and not only at F&O sites but many more . But after four years of battles were bringing the scenario to an end . The final battle will take place at the Anzio site on the ------- . The story started fifteen years in the future when the fuel runs out and governments have been replaced by large corporations . The main ones involved were - Capital Americas One of the most power-full corporations. Their holdings included all of the Americas north and south Greenland and even further . Pan Euro corporation There holdings include all of current Europe and Russia and out into the middle east . They have developed a very militarised based society . Imperials Having survived the devastation of a virus that swept across the UK . The new imperium has emerged led by the ruthless king Bongo with his goal of reunification and resurection of the empire of the 1800s. UK/Imperial survivors A rag tag bunch of gangs /tribes . These are the survivors of the UK's virus out break . They are a hardy bunch and just want to live a peaceful life warm and with food . They have now thrown there lot in with King bongo and are called Imperial survivors . African Mercs Will do anything for cash, ruthless, merciless and untrustworthy . -------------------------------------------- Through out the main goal of all the sides was to gain control of the UK and grab anything useful that was left behind in the wake of the virus . This the final battle, it is the fight for survival for the Imperials who have just consolidated influence on the UK survivors and the PEC Corporation who are currently in control of the UK . This final deciding battle is a weekend event starting on the Saturday at 12 o'clock and fighting till 10 pm then following on the next day (Sunday ) from 10am till 4 pm . You can join in for one day or both . There's always a nice social overnight . Price for the event is £70 for the full weekend (pre booked on line or £75 on the day ). Or £40 for the sat and £35 for the Sunday . Hires are £15 per day . This does not inc food but catering will be available in the safe zone burgers ext .. The shop will be on site selling lots of lovely kit – BBS, pyro, rifs, etc . The bookings will be posted shortly , and will be on the main site booking system . Sides - Pec – Green and tan kit (they have pulled their eastern forces in for this battle ) Imperial & uk survivors – black (the main Imperial forces were only black / survivors wear civilian clothing and bits of black as they try to emulate the new masters . Please make sure your kit follows the above rules and if your changing kit that it also follows these rules:- there will be a shoot if unsure policy on this game, so if your team mates are unsure there going to shoot you a lot . Camping on the sat is all good, bring your own kit . Food will be provided at 5-6pm on sat and 12-1pm on sun, the rest is up to you . That said we will organise a mega pizza /kebab order on the sat night after the game . There is going to be some mega loud bangs going on, so ear buds might be an idea . Booking: PEC - Imperials - cheers Jamie
  2. We at First and Only have worked long and hard to bring you a whole new way to take part in airsoft. Over the next few months you will see the launch of our Online Shop, New and Improved Online Booking System, Online memberships with lots of new benefits and lots more themed events. This new site features a fully interactive activity wall similar to Social networking sites, all you have to do is sign up to the website and you’ll be able to post images of you in game, tag friends and other members in comments you make, create groups and teams and so much more. We hope you enjoy our new website and we hope to see you at any of our 11 sites soon. First and Only