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  1. Was our first time at the Bunker and to be honest, did not expect to get much out of it because of the small size although, the games structure made up for it, greatly. The layout changes with each game, keeping you on your toes as you enter a new layout as you don't know the potential flank points. One of the best games of the night was King of the Hill, 1 vs All. But all in all, the greatest game was the 3 Rounds only match, 3 bbs only. If you're out, you go melee. Did I also mention, you cant see crap. When the lights go down, it gets close and personal, with many knife kills to be had. Overall, had a fantastic night and helped improve our game tactics and our nerves. If new to Airsoft, this kind of gameplay is a great place to start as you'll learn how to cover your teammates in a tight CQC setting. Also, thank you to Carl for helping my son Michael, with his first gun purchase, TM HK416D Recoil Shock. Helped him set it up and gave him a detailed breakdown of the gun. Thank you ever so much, I'll be back next month to pick up my own HK416D and to play within the Bunker. And a big thanks to everyone else who shown up, brilliant night.