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Found 4 results

  1. Hiya Everyone, As you already can guess by the title I am another newbie to the world of Airsoft, although I have to admit I did go out and buy some of the gear I thought I would need before even playing, but it paid off, up to now I have only had one game which was at The Hive which was a pretty awesome day so I am defiantly hooked and plan on going to a lot more games/events when I get the chance, being as I'm a uni student I wont be able to go every week so I just thought I would make a post to make new friends and so that I could meet up at different sites with a rough idea of who the regulars are out there and so I'm not always on my billy-tod when I do have the chance to go to events, the main site I think I will be attending though will the The Hive because its not that far from where I live. So look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully playing along side you one day. Thanks Matt (webbmaster94)
  2. The Hive midweek missions are now on every Wednesday evening! Take on scenarios designed to challenge even the most experienced operators at The Hive, Warwick Mill, Manchester. Find out more here. Don't miss out on extreme CQB action!
  3. Ok the 22nd was just a test night but just for the future can someone make sure a Feedback post is created and all videos posted on that Feedback post instead of 4 separate new posts for each video . Andy