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Found 9 results

  1. Ok so i want to know if I can buy a two tone gun I am under 18 and I know i cant directly by it but can i give my parents the money to buy it for me? if some one can help that would be great thanks
  2. Hi I sorted my membership a couple of weeks ago but my UKARA hasn't come through yet, do we have an ETA on when they'll fix their website yet? Thanks in advance. Oh my membership number is fao02504
  3. Hi, At the last event I attended I paid for my membership and put in the request for a UKARA liscence. That was around 2-3 weeks ago and I havent had any information back about either of them. I've emailed the First and Only Team through their website but haven't had any replies yet. How long does the process normally take? I've been eyeing up all sorts that I want to order but can't until I get my ukara sorted. Is there any other way for me to try and chase up the progress for the code? Regards
  4. Hi, i recently got myself a gold account online with F&O but have not received a membership number/card but i can still book myself into events as a gold member, In terms of receiving my UKARA, i need my membership number. Does anyone know how i can get my membership number? i was told at the sites that i can only get it online and they cant just give me one at a site. HELP
  5. Hi I have renewed my bronze membership and am looking to renew my UKARA as well, who do I contact to get this sorted? Cheers
  6. Hi I'm currently listed as a bronze member with first and only, I last renewed in December last year, however just checked on the UKARA website and my membership is showing as expired, not sure how to get this corrected? There was a bit of confusion when I renewed my membership last December as I paid through the website and was given a new membership number, I thought it was sorted as I had an email conversation confirming I was renewing my current membership number - FAO30200, also I never received a new membership card. Hope someone can help? Cheers Rich
  7. Hey Guys, I renewed my membership last year with First and Only and assumed my UKARA would have been renewed as well but after checking the UKARA self checker, it doesn't seem like it has. Would it be possible to update this as I plan to attend the British Airsoft Shot next month and am planning on purchasing something shiny hopefully! My Name is James Tesh and I usually attend The Embassy. Let me know if you need anything else from me!
  8. So i will be attending my 4th game this year but my first outside the two month threshold. I was wondering if there was a list of sites we can get a UKARA form stamped at. I know some places don't do it but i think it might be a good idea if it was stickied. Sorry if it already has been i just cant seem to see anything
  9. There has been a lot of misunderstanding of the UKARA rules on two tone guns and RIF's (Realistic Immitation Firearms) and who can purchase them. I hope this post will help clear things up a bit. I am going to start with an extract straight from UKARA and how to register with them. UKARA What does this mean? You must play on 3rd party liability insurance / UKARA registered game sites for at minimum of 3 games in no less that 2months. You can not play 3 games in 3 weeks and expect to gain a UKARA. You must also hold a membership YOU MUST Play at UKARA registered game sites Play a minimum of 3 games spread out over more than 2 months YOU CANNOT play 3 games in 3 weeks then register to UKARA play on an non UKARA registered site to gain UKARA membership (this is the link to see which site are eligible ). Play on an un-insured game site to gain UKARA membership How does one register with UKARA? Once you have gained the minimum requirements to UKARA (this is the above rule and the fact you must be over 18). You need to do the following. Print out a UKARA form and fill it in. Take the form to the UKARA registered site at which you have been playing, and are a member, with 2 forms of Identification to prove you are over 18 and live at the address you registered with. An example of ID could be a driving licence, passport or bank statement. The Site official will then check your elligibility and then sign and stamp the form. You then take or post the form to an approved UKARA retailer. ( this is a link to see which retailers are approved ) The retailer will process the form and add you to the UKARA online national database, this process could take up to two weeks depending on postage and the retailers schedule. Once all that is completed, you are then registered to UKARA for a period of 12months. After the period of 12months, you and the game site you are registered at will recieve an email from UKARA reminding you to renew your membership. If you have renewed your membership with the game site then the game site official should renew this for you. RIF and TWO TONE What is RIF? RIF stands for Real Imitation firearm and all that means is firearms/guns that look realistic but are not actually firearms/guns For example: How does one get a RIF? You need to be over 18 You need some sort of defence under the VCRA for owning a RIF Most Retailers require you to be UKARA registered to purchase a RIF Anything I need to know once I own a RIF? Your UKARA can be revoked temporarily or permanently if you break any rule stated under the VCRA (The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006). Do not use the gun to perform a criminal act ( i.e. doing a bank job or to settle a fight). Do not point the gun at any member of the public. Do not fire the gun near any member of the public . Do not have the gun in view of the public (even if it is with in your own home or in a car)- This is where gun bags are useful or a lot of bin bags . Do not modify the firearms to a point that it is no longer legal. (hence the FPS rule and the importance of chronoing your weapon). What is Two Tone? A two tone weapon is a weapon which has been made obvious that it is not a real firearm/gun and is in compliance to the VCRA law. This literally means the majority of the gun's Surface (51% or greater) needs to be in a Bright colour or transparent plastic (bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright blue, bright green, bright pink, bright purple). How does one get a Two Tone Gun? You simply need to be over 18 to purchase a two tone gun, you do not require UKARA or any other form of defence under the VCRA. Anything i need to know once I own a two tone gun? The VCRA law is more relaxed with a two tone gun but they still apply. Do not use the gun to perform a criminal act ( i.e. doing a bank job or to settle a fight). Do not point the gun at any member of the public. Do not fire the gun near any member of the public . Do not modify the firearms to a point it is no longer legal. (hence the FPS rule and the importance of chronoing your weapon). [*]If the gun is misused, VCRA and UKARA databases are linked and can provent you from gaining UKARA. Example of a two tone gun: - I am under 18 can i buy a gun? The answer is no, you cannot purchase a gun from anyone and it is illegal for anyone to sell a gun to a person under the age of 18. (section 24 of VCRA). HOWEVER! there seems to be nothing stated under the VCRA that you cannot be given one as a gift. Here is an extract from the UKARA Q&A section: - To clarify this: - Can under 18's buy a gun from anyone? the answer is no Can Under 18's own a RIF or Two Tone? the answer is yes as long it was a gift from people who are eligible to purchase the gun in the first place.(THIS MEANS NO MONEY IS EXCHANGED FOR THE ITEM AT ANY TIME) The adult who gave the weapon as a gift is therefore Liable for any misuse of the weapon given to the Under 18. VCRA This is the UK law which ties our hands and protects the citizens of the UK. The act started in 2006 and is the reason why UKARA is around. this is the link to see the specific page on Imitation firearms with in the act http://www.legislati...tation-firearms . This is the specific page on people whom carry any weapon http://www.legislati...ngerous-weapons Reference and disclaimer Disclaimer: All the information above is subject to change and was correct as the time of publishing 10th April 2012. The subject is full to my knowledge and research, anything I have missed or misunderstood I am happy to hear from comments and will re-edit as time goes by. I am only the messenger and not law therefore I am not liable for any misunderstanding made from the use of this post. Reference used: UKARA 9th April 2012 VCRA http://www.legislati...006/38/contents 9th April 2012 Airsoft UK Info. http://www.airsoftuk...rsoft-laws.html 9th April 2012 1st Commando http://forum.firstan...1-1st-commando/ 10th April 2012