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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys and welcome to the team . The Scout Recon team is based at the First and only Manchester woodland site . As a member of the team you represent all that is fantastic about the the site and FaO . We will be visiting other sites and we will have other sites visit us so every thing we do will be judged . That said being part of the team is fantastic fun playing , with like minded individuals using communication systems and training is very rewarding . Were going to try to get a bit of a team theme ,So for the Scout recon its a Green loadout with a black and red or white and red shemagh . if you have not got this equipment i dose not matter ,as we will all be wearing the same team badges . but it would give the team a nice look if we all tried . here are the ten rules for the team . 1. always be approachable . 2. do not degrade other sites or players 3. always play to the best of your ability's and help others to do the same 4. do not break the rules or try to bend them to your favour . 5. Promote the team if you can 6. If your unhappy talk to Jamie ,i can help if you don't then the team can become disparaged . "the old one bad egg thing " 7. Stay in control never lose your cool . 8. Others will look up to you as a team member . follow instruction and guide others . 9 Do not bring the team into disrepute . 10 . if your not enjoying being part of the team talk to Jamie as it should be fun . so once again welcome to the team , its a challenge but also very rewarding being part of the team . cheers Jamie