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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone i've just come on here to say Hi and to see if you could answer some questions for me if that's okay? Me and my friends are going on our first ever event to the Manchester one on the 22nd of march and we need some stuff answering so we know what to do etc 1. can we bring our own airsoft guns? i have a few single shot and electric ones that i bought a few years ago which aren't two toned as they didn't need to be at the time yet i'm not one of these registered airsoft members which allow me to have realistic colours, can i still bring them? 2. can we bring our own masks, outfits etc?# 3. are rubber knives and tomahawks allowed and what are the rules on these? 4. are green gas guns allowed? my friend has a green gas glock he was wondering if he could bring 5.what gun do you get when you rent one from the site? i'm sure i'll have many other questions but i'll leave it at that for now, thanks again for reading and i hope to hear from you guys soon and i'm looking forward to starting this up! thanks, chris
  2. We at First and Only have worked long and hard to bring you a whole new way to take part in airsoft. Over the next few months you will see the launch of our Online Shop, New and Improved Online Booking System, Online memberships with lots of new benefits and lots more themed events. This new site features a fully interactive activity wall similar to Social networking sites, all you have to do is sign up to the website and you’ll be able to post images of you in game, tag friends and other members in comments you make, create groups and teams and so much more. We hope you enjoy our new website and we hope to see you at any of our 11 sites soon. First and Only