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Found 3 results

  1. This is the thread to tell us about things you have lost, and I'll try and keep it updated with things we've found. If it's anything particularly valuable I'll only list a brief description, so we can get you to identify it as yours. Similarly if you find anything either hand it to one of us or post here and we can get things back to their owners. (note: as I update this I'll remove the reply posts to keep it organised, so don't worry if your post is deleted) Currently we have MISSING Olive Green Magpull PMAG (007Varnish) Co2 HI-Capa Mag (streakz) WE G36 Fire Selector (Fury9er) Black AUG MIdcap (Jake) 2/3 Shotgun Shells (JEvans) G3 HiCap Mag with green gaffer tape (Nub) CO2 Desert Eagle Mag (bulb still in) (RandomlyRandom) Slidestop Pin from a USP .45 (Spoff) MTP Cap (007Varnish) WE M9 CO2 Pistol Mag (Corkylad) And yet to be claimed : Tan 3 Point Sling M4 VN Mag Black Paintball gloves Black PMR Radio Black PMAG Damaged Radio LiPo Battery
  2. glock 17 base plate from a WE mag if it turns up give us a shout
  3. Alright, I managed to lose my ris mounted torch on May 20th. It’s a 1000 lumen torch made by CREE, with a button cap and a RIS mount round the barrel. It’s all black and has a flared lens cover. Could be anywhere on the site, but I lost it sometime in the morning and I was mostly between the safe zone / the yellow team’s spawn and the woods or the shanty town. If found, I’d appreciate it being returned. Rewards by way of beer and cake. Thanks all. Nick