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Found 6 results

  1. I'm being asked this a lot, and i believe a dedicated thread is needed. Once you have played a minimum of 3 games (at the same airsoft company), played longer than 2 months, older than 18 years of age. you will be eligible for a UKARA defence. The process is this. You need an airsoft site membership to apply for a UKARA registration. to apply for a membership, you can follow this link and choose which membership you'd like Details of each membership type are here http://forum.firstan...what-its-about/ You don't need to be a member for your game count to start, we can check the books to see your attendance history with us. but you may if you wish, particularly if you want gold or silver memberships. Attend a site and you will get a membership card and membership number with badge, if you purchase a silver or gold membership, you will start reaping its benefits on the same day you attend site i.e. £5 or £10 off the days green fee when you sign in. Player registration To become a UKARA registered airsoft player you are required to take part in three games in no less than two months at your local registered gamesite. You must be over 18 years of age and able to provide some form of identification such as Passport, Drivers License or Bank Statement. Please download and fill in the PDF form at the bottom of the page, and present to your local gamesite to be stamped with the sites UKARA verification stamp. As soon as its been completed the player should then post it to there preferred UKARA retailer. You will then be add to the database - once this has been done any future orders to a registered UKARA retailer can be checked for compliance to the VCR Act. The "Player" will remain on the Database for 12 months until it will need a renewal update by the players game site. Or unless there has been a substantiated claim that they should be removed due to misconduct. Once you have been registered you should receive an email from the UKARA database when your registration has been successfully entered ( providing you supplied a legible current email address), please allow a period of time for retailer to process your application form. http://www.firstando...nchester-store/ UKARA Form give it a few days for cogs to turn and the form to be processed. Congratulations, you are now on the UKARA database. Any retailer registered with UKARA can see your details and that you have sufficient defense to purchase Realistic Imitation Firearms. Any problems, PM me or Eddie! Warning Your membership number does not deem you as UKARA registered and will not be added to the UKARA database until the validation form is completed and handed to a retailer. Should you attempt to purchase RIF's prior to this with the membership number given, it could result in termination of your membership without refund following such warning as written herein.
  2. Hi I sorted my membership a couple of weeks ago but my UKARA hasn't come through yet, do we have an ETA on when they'll fix their website yet? Thanks in advance. Oh my membership number is fao02504
  3. Hi, At the last event I attended I paid for my membership and put in the request for a UKARA liscence. That was around 2-3 weeks ago and I havent had any information back about either of them. I've emailed the First and Only Team through their website but haven't had any replies yet. How long does the process normally take? I've been eyeing up all sorts that I want to order but can't until I get my ukara sorted. Is there any other way for me to try and chase up the progress for the code? Regards
  4. Hi, i recently got myself a gold account online with F&O but have not received a membership number/card but i can still book myself into events as a gold member, In terms of receiving my UKARA, i need my membership number. Does anyone know how i can get my membership number? i was told at the sites that i can only get it online and they cant just give me one at a site. HELP
  5. Hi I have renewed my bronze membership and am looking to renew my UKARA as well, who do I contact to get this sorted? Cheers
  6. My 3 mates and I attended our first Airsoft skirmish at RAF Heyford on Sunday, and had a great time. Definitely going to be picking it up properly from here on! I have a few questions regarding getting our UKARA’s sorted: Do we have to be F&O club members in order to get UKARA registration through F&O? Can we play at a mix of F&O venues and have them count towards the 3 attendances in 2 months criteria? Only I am registered on the F&O site & forums, and I paid for their places (as guests) in my name. Has their attendance been tracked, and will it count towards the 3 games in 2 months rule? We’re likely to play at The Mall and Thunder Ranch or Battle Lakes in our next games. Thanks in advance!