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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am a fairly new player looking for a good quality starter gun (which is mainly going to be used at The Hive/Anzio) with a budget of up to £400, maybe £500 at a push. I was looking at a ICS MX5 MP5A3 for a cheaper option (this weapon was recommened to me by multiple people at the Hive), and then a TM HK416D Recoil for my VERY SUPER DUPER top budget gun, so any suggestions for guns ? Any help would be apperciated ! Thanks for reading !
  2. Hi all. I'm new to airsoft and want to start going to some games im from Manchester and ive done a little research and my local is "The Hive" i dont know how many people ask this but i have 2 Tone weapons, i wanted to know, would i feel "left out" as ive watched a few videos and everyone seemed to have UKARA weapons. i didnt see any "2 Tone" just wondering what peoples views were Thanks Lewis
  3. Just wanted to say a quick hello to the AirSoft community and a huge thanks to all the guys and gals for making my first AirSoft skirmish (Saturday 15th September - Anzio Camp, Leek, Staffordshire) a fantastic experience! I attended with my brother in law and nephew who had been before, so I had a little insider knowledge of what to expect. Having said that, the marshalls did a great job of fully explaining everything. The safety briefing included a few hilarious moments which helped relieve any nerves I may have had :-) Being a complete newbie, I was keen to speak to some of the other skirmishers, all of whom were eager to pass on helpful tips on weaponry, gear and tactics... big shot out to Tim and his son from Trentham and the 3 guys (with the pistols) from Derby! The scenarios we played during the games encouraged team work, and the final game (Pistols v. AEGs) lead to a brilliant close quarters all out shoot out! I've definitely got the bug and will certainly be locked and loaded for the Anzio event on Sept 29th!
  4. Hi guys...I've never been airsoft skirmishing before. Me and my brothers have been into airsoft weapons since I can remember (well before they started with the over 51 percent of the gun having to be painted unless your a member stuff lol) I've been paintballing quite a few times but have wanted to try airsoft for ages and wanted to know how me and my brother could get into going? Im 29 and from Leicester, I've just ordered a Classic army full metal Mp5 (the silenced version) and a murai gas MK23 pistol are these any good for skirmish? Any advice would be appriciated.