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Found 2 results

  1. From Saturday the 30th we will now be running Stealth woods on Saturdays rather than Sunday. we are still opening the gates at 08.30 and finishing at 16.00, with 1 hour lunch at 12.30-13.30. Myself Ben will be running the site taking over from Rob.
  2. CROSSFIRE WOODS - PRESTON MOSS LANE EAST PRESTON PR4 3SP http://www.firstando...-woods-preston/ THEATRE OF OPERATIONS: PRESTON AND BLACKPOOL AIRSOFT CROSSFIRE SITE EXPECTED COMBAT OPS: WOODLAND INTELLIGENCE REPORT: THIS NEW LOCATION HAS SOME GREAT NATURAL FEATURES. IT WILL BE A SEASONAL SITE PLAYED FROM MARCH TILL SEPTEMBER. SNIPERS AND MARKSMEN WILL MAKE THE MISSIONS HARD BUT ALSO GREAT FUN. RECONNAISSANCE: CROSS FIRE WOODLAND IS SITUATED IN THE FYLDE AREA, IN BETWEEN BLACKPOOL AND PRESTON. ONLY 10 MINUTES FROM THE MOTORWAY. WE HAVE ADDED TO THE ALREADY AMAZING NATURAL FEATURES WITH VERY DIFFERENT STYLE BASES. THE PLAY STYLE WILL BE VERY CHALLENGING AND YOU’RE SURE TO GET ENEMY ENGAGEMENT VERY QUICKLY ON EACH MISSION. PRICES: £25 Non members/bronze membership £20 silver members £15 gold members FPS LIMITS: aegs/pistols/shotguns max 350 fps, chrono'd on .2 blaster bbs DMRs (gas or aeg) upto 400fps, chrono'd on .2 blaster bbs. 20m/60ft engagement range. locked to single shot Sniper rilfes (bolt action) max of 500fps, chrono'd on .2 balster bbs. 20m/60ft engagement range. PRYO: only TLFSX disposable pryo to be used on site blank firing timed or impacts can be used, with additional guidance on usage, with .203/primers or 9mm blanks only. other pryo at site staff discretion on the day.