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  1. SNIPER CHALLENGE Special Evening/Night Time Event Saturday Night 21st July 2012 Please register below, remembering to state if you require either hire equipment. BBs, Gas & Pyros will be available all day on site for purchase, along with refreshments. Green Fees SNIPERS (US Snipers) Max 6 Players Members £20.00 Non-Members £25.00 NON-SNIPERS (Hostile Guerilla Force) Max 16 Players Members £15.00 Non-Members £20.00 Hire Package starts from £15.00 Meet 7.30 at Bunker Wood Site - Game starts at 8.30 prompt and will end around 12, those wanting to stay over will need sleeping bag and roll mat, as we hope to have access to the tunnel entrance for evening kip. Also those attending this event will also be given a £5 discount on the following days action (standard open day with continuation of theme on Saturday July 21st 2012) GAME BACKGROUND News has come in that humanitarian aid worker Jenna Hayes has been captured whilst on a mercy mission within a guerilla group held jungle in Peru, US Delta Force Snipers have been tasked with the job of rescuing and evacuating Miss Hayes unhurt from the clutches of the Guerilla group known as the White Panthers. The Guerilla force is well armed and know the terrain well, can the Snipers achieve the mission? Game 1 - Recon The sniper teams need to locate and transmit back to base vital information regarding the location of Miss Hayes. Whilst not being found by newly alerted guards. Defending forces need to find and destroy all sniper teams. Game 2 - Rescue The sniper teams need to assault the Guerilla force and take down any defence of Miss Hayes and unleash her from her captivity without being wiped out by the patrols and guards. Defending force need to stop there captive being rescued by destroying sniper teams. Game 3 - Plant Explosives The snipers having been instructed to take out two locations vital to the whole Guerillas ability to track the snipers, they must get to the locations and plant explosives in order to destroy the target locations. Defending guards unaware of the targets have to patrol the area and keep keen eyes for the snipers and take them down. Game 4 - Sniper Hunt The Guerillas having been startled by the swift assault on there infrastructure have organised themselves and are now desperate to hunt the snipers to destruction. Can the snipers evade there grasp and exfil. AMMO RULES Snipers can carry no more than 50 rounds per mission Cartel members can carry no more than 600 rounds per mission US SNIPERS Team 1 1. Felix 2. 1st Commando Team 2 1. Treebeard 2. Team 3 1. 2. White Panther Guerillas 1. Wayne Badmanners 2. Tom Butler 3. Andy Emms 4. Phil Weir 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Deposit Booking Only follow the link http://events.consta...636i8un924d7460