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Resident zombie night of the dawn of the 28 4 dead

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Zombie night 29th of october @ anzio camp

Resident zombie night of the dawn of the 28 4 dead


saturday night: 6pm till 10pm


cost: £25 (plus member discount) £5 discount for anyone who played the day game


includes goodie bag


spaces: 50 non zombies

zombies play for free



first and only present "Resident zombie night of the dawn of the 28 4 dead” a immersive zombie experience taking the best from zombies movies, games and fiction. All players that book in can expect a night as ridiculous as it will be terrifying.


A secret research facility is being used for the illegal study of the infected for nefarious purposes and the government have been sent in to check it out.


There will be two teams of human combatants and one team of the infected to begin with with more information to come.


When booking in please state which team you would like to join


1. government forces (40 spaces)

2. guards (10 spaces)

3. zombies (unlimited)


This game will be a single shot only event and we encourage all players to just bring pistols and shotguns. AEG's can be used but there will be severe ammo restrictions


if you want to book in please go here







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