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felix jaegar

Booking Thread November 6th 2011 - Open Day

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Drakelow tunnels,

Kingsford Country Park,

near Kinver,


DY11 5SA


Gates open 8 am

Breefing 9.30

Game starts 10.00

Lunch 1 ish

Endex 4 ish

Beer o clock 4.45 ish


The site consists of 250,000 sq ft of tunnels and some very cool woodland on top with two entrances

this is one of our most exiting sites.


as usual we will have full facilites on site inc stock ,food (inc in price ) etc


usual urban prices £30 non members £25 members this includes food .


Hire is £15 inc all eqipment- gun and mag of bbs .


You will need a torch on this one as some areas are dark and we like it that way .


Pyro after testing NO smoke is allowed on site.


BFGS are allowed upto 9mm blanks


Please note from 1st January 2011, if you are a member and fail to provide your membership card when booking in, you will not receive your discount - if you have not received your card and feel you are entitled to one, please call 07779 157440 asap.


1. Basil Henriques

2. Jonathon Talbot

3. John Adkins

4. Olly Thompson-Yates

5. Craig Mills

6. Gordon Done

7. Chris Done

8. Joe Gaskell Burnup

9. +1

10. +1

11. +1 HIRE 1

12. andy d

13. Taffy

14. Simon Bailey

15. Hamish Perks

16, Stephen Moore

17. Matt Adams

18. Meatshield

19. Will Westwood

20. Paul Evans

21. Gaz Jones

22. Jake Harrison

23. Matthew Waters

24. Dirtdiver

25. Chris minett

26. Paul Lee

27. Apathy

28. Matt H

29. Richard Pharoah

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Please add the following, Cheers


John Adkins

Oliver "Megaballs" Thompson-Yates

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