28/10/2012 - Open Day Booking Thread

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Drakelow tunnels,

Kingsford Country Park,

near Kinver,


DY11 5SA


Gates open 8 am

Breefing 9.30

Game starts 10.00

Lunch 1 ish

Endex 4 ish

Beer o clock 4.45 ish


The site consists of 250,000 sq ft of tunnels and some very cool woodland on top with two entrances

this is one of our most exiting sites.


as usual we will have full facilites on site inc stock, lunch (inc in price ) etc


You will need a torch on this one as some areas are dark and we like it that way .


Pyro after testing NO smoke is allowed on site.


BFGS are allowed upto 9mm blanks



Please register below, remembering to state if you require either hire equipment or vegetarian food option.


BBs, Gas & Pyros will be available all day on site for purchase, along with refreshments.


Green Fees


Members £25.00 (inc lunch)


Non-Members £30.00 (inc lunch)


Hire Package £15.00 (G36c, Mag and Face Protection)


Please bring a completed Insurance waiver with you if you haven`t signed one with First & Only in the last 12 months


Link to Waiver


Booking form is below...





1. Rod Armstrong

2. Paul Bassett

3. Kyle Beck

4. Scott Bell

5. Ben Bridges

6. Ian Cordell

7. Matt Cotton

8. Jordan Dank

9. Mike Danks

10. Christopher Done

11. Gordon Done

12. Ruari Douglas

13. Alister Eaton

14. Keir Eaton

15. Martin Edwards

16. Phil Ferguson

17. David Gawne

18. Lance Gilbert

19. Jacob Goodman

20. Paul Goodman

21. Robert Kennion

22. Nathan Kerwick

23. Duncan "Wildcard" Lavery

24. Gregg Leech

25. Craig Mills

26. Andrew Wright

27. Jamie Powell

28. Joshua Salt

29. Brenda Seaman

30. Allan Sewell

31. Matt Sharples

32. Richard Smith

33. Adrian Townsend

34. Rich Upton

35. Matthew Webb

36. Adam Windy

37. Daniel Wolfendale

All the above places secured via deposit

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Hi guys, please could you book me in for this event. Just the walk on although I have a voucher and have pre-paid from the Malvern show in March.







Edited by imax

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Half price voucher, was signed, dated and £15 taken from me by Jamie at the Malvern Show on 25th March... :huh:

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sorted mate. i'll get that sorted with our admin when she is back off holiday at the weekend. Do you need hire though ?

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Robert K

own kit

can't find link for deposit :( only shows 14th when I try to book ( sorry never had to pay a deposit for walk on before so not familiar)

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